Rebecca's TriBeCa Breakfast

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Liam Hetherington on January 11, 2011

How’d you like you eggs in the morning? I like mine with some quirk. It was hence not surprising that I enjoyed my charmingly quirky breakfast at Kitchenette in Tribeca.

While cuisine has become internationalised over the last century, breakfasts still say much about the prevailing culture, whether it’s a healthy Swedish bowl of muesli or the artery-clogging ‘full English’, a French croissant and bowl of chocolate or an Italian espresso drunk straight up at the counter. The USA has turned the humble breakfast from a mere stop-gap into a meal in its own right, of an equal with lunch or dinner. I was certainly of the opinion that a hearty breakfast would often be able to see me through until dinner time so I was delighted to sample a range of different offerings. Kitchenette was my very first experience.

The interior of the café / cupcakery was simple, homely and whimsical with 1970s fittings and tables made out of door panels. There was an abundance of girly-girl pastel shades. Gingerbread men hung from the lampshades. It was very child-friendly. Even though we had no children it seemed determined to bring out the big kid in us, though it stopped just the right side of cloying oversentimentality.

We had full breakfasts here. I had classic American blueberry pancakes – really thick pancakes with the blueberries baked into their centre ($9.25). I teamed this up with a large orange juice; this, entertainingly, came served in a Mason jar with a straw. Rebecca ordered a mish-mash of scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes (almost like patatas bravas) and an additional cream-cheese-filled bagel ($3.00). Marie had fluffy French toast ($9.25) with strawberries, crispy fried bacon and lashings of maple syrup. I ask you: could we have had a more American breakfast spread?

Kitchenette does not serve just breakfasts. Apparently they also serve plenty of home-style dishes at other times of the day (they open from 7.30 on weekdays or 9AM at the weekends up until 11 o’clock at night. Not to mention that they have whole cabinets of tempting treats in the forms of cakes, pies and biscuits. It would certainly be worth another visit I reckon!
156 Chambers St.
Manhattan, New York, 10007

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