Memphis in May World Championship BBQ Contest

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First let me state that the Memphis in May World Championship BBQ Contest is an amazing sight to behold... The sweet smell of hickory hangs thick in the air. Team booths (some 3 levels tall) line the mile long park. Over 100,000 people flock to this Mecca of BBQ every year to eat, drink, and worship at the altar of swine.

The Memphis in May World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest, or the WCBCC as it is called, is a battle between more than 250 BBQ teams from across the globe. Held every year on the third weekend in May, Thursday thru Saturday, it is certified by Guinness as the "Worlds Largest Pork BBQ Contest". Believe it or not, over the course of three days, over 84 tons of pork are cooked and consumed.

For the Average Joe there is a huge drawback to the festival, teams are not allowed to sell or give out samples to the general public. Due to Health Code regulations the teams can only give food and beverages to "invited guests". The best way to experience the contest is on a team, or at least in a team booth, otherwise you will be on the outside looking in. The nights are full of raging parties, some of the larger booths have DJ's, light shows, dance floors and multiple bars.

The best time to go is between 11am and 3pm on Thursday. You can actually talk to the teams, and usually will get invited in for a bite and a beer. If you are planning on going then do a little leg work a few months beforehand, say February and March. Get on the internet and get in contact with some of the teams through their webpages and social network sites. Make friends with them, or join their team, and you will have a great time at WCBCC.

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