Hacienda del Mar in Cabo does not cut it...

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by LWyborny on December 29, 2010

Hacienda del Mar tries to be a 5 or 6 star resort, however, in our eyes Hacienda del Mar fell flat on its face.

The Hacienda del Mar room we stayed in was quite tacky because they coated the entire tile floor with a coating, probably to ease the cleaning by the maids. Also, the walls of the Hacienda del Mar rooms are finished off very sloppily - looks like someone of my poor masonry skills did the work....

In a rare rainfall, the water from the roof drained down the wall of the Hacienda del Mar building and went straight into our closed window. We had at least 5 buckets of water in our room. If we had not been there, many of our things on the floor of the room would have been drenched.

The Hacienda del Mar restaurants are OK at best. The Mexican food was good, but the other finer dishes, such as fish, were just OK, hit or miss or pretty bad. At least one of our fish dishes was really not edible. Overall, the food at the Hacienda del Mar restaurants was not worth the high prices that they charge (the one has a great view though). If you order bottled water, they charge $7!!!

Finally, we attended a sales meeting for the Hacienda del Mar resort and we later found out that what the sales guys were saying was either not true or not even representative of what was being sold. When we complained about this to other people of the Hacienda del Mar sales office and to the management, we were treated rudely and our complaints ignored. It seems that they just wanted our money and we did not matter.

...too bad because parts of the Hacienda del Mar resort are nice.
Hacienda del Mar
Cabo del Sol
Los Cabos, Mexico


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