Precision Dancing to Holiday Music

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Our 45th anniversary this year was spent watching the Rockettes do their "thing" on the Opry House stage. It was one of the best anniversary celebrations in my memory.

The Rockettes are more than famous for their precision steps and colorful costumes. This does not need to be related again, but the Show that presents the Rockettes to their best was well executed by both the ensemble dancers and the stars of the show,

Each of the 11 scenes has a theme, but all the themes are interwoven to produce a great story. We start in the city with the ensemble singing and dancing to "Need a Little Christmas" The Rockettes come in with wreaths that reverse from gold to either red or green. The precision tapping and flipping of the wreaths makes for an enjoyable opening act.

Santa arrives in scene 2 and he stays with us for the rest of the show. The third scene is a round of song and dance "Twelve Days of Christmas" style. Each day is portrayed with different steps and arm movements repeated within each verse. Scene 4 brings an untraditional Nutcracker Suite. All the characters are stuffed animals. The Chinese dancers are pandas and the Russian dancers are cossack bears. The Sugar Plum Fairy is an oversized teddy bear with a pink tutu and shocking pink lips in a perpetual kiss! The Parade of the Wooden Soldiers is the 5th scene and the Rockettes show that practice makes perfect! The following scenes bring more song and dance fantasies brought to life. My favorite was the Carol of the Bells where the ensemble sings and the Rockettes (with glockenspiels on their backs) dance and chime in unison.

The Living Nativity is the closing scene. Here live animals (camel, donkey and sheep) are paraded across the stage by costumed ensemble members as the story of the Nativity (as told by Luke) is intoned and several favorite carols are sung.

It amazes me that these professionals can put on several shows a day and still smile while up on stage. My feet hurt after a solid day of walking the grounds - it is unimaginable how their feet must hurt after hours on stage and in practice. They must be in much better shape than any sports idol and have a much more even temperament so to endure the pain.

I can see why the New York residents regard this as a heritage event in their city. It is wonderful that the Rockettes have travelling troupes to bring this beautiful show to the rest of the country.
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