Six Flags Magic Mountain

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When visiting America one of the trips that stood out for me was a visit to the Six Flags Magic Mountain. It was something I always wanted to go since I read stories about it and have seen it on television. It also seemed like a great break from the more cultural things on our trip. We have been at the one in Europe and of course wanted to see the difference of the one in America.

The entrance

Six Flags is well known over the western world and I think this one is the most famous. The park has some fairly unique roller coasters that we wanted to visit. We were recommended to book our tickets online and this way to got a 50% discount! Certainly not bad and you don’t have to stand in any queues to get tickets. The parking starts already in a very Six Flags America style.

The trip from the parking lot to the entrance is just like Disneyland with a train. Only this train runs for twenty years and might break into two during the ride. At the entrance there are roughly about thirty metal detectors.


After the entrance we immediately sprinted to X. What's so special about this coaster? Well it is the only 4 D coaster in the world. The boxes are beside the tracks and can turn around their own axis. This can lead to quite sickening state of mind, but was lucky enough not the case. X was a kick. We sat on the first row so we had a clear view of descent of the steep fall to say the least. The waiting was something half hour. When we got outside there was a staff member with a loudspeaker to shout that the queue was three hours now. The loading went really slow.

Then we went for a little ride. Pipe system as a water slide at Center Parcs but then with two people in a rubber boat. Oh and I thought it wouldn’t be busy, but I was wrong and we stood here for good half hour. But what followed was one of the most entertaining attractions that I've ever done. At every turn drifting a whole blob of water came in the rubber boat with the requisite bluster and shouting and screaming as a result. We were completely wet, down to my underwear and my socks.


The prices of a ticket are around 60 dollars according now to their website. I can’t really remember how much we paid when we were there. I think it’s quite a lot but then on the other hand you are guaranteed of a whole day of fun and entertainment.


Through the whole park are more than enough restaurant and other places to eat. We had a simple hamburger with frites and later on a slice of pizza with some soft drink. The prices are fair enough and can’t remember that they were extremely high.


Through the whole parks are plenty toilets to be found. The toilets are neat and clean and some even smelled fresh but I think they were just cleaned.


A day of fun! We had a beautiful warm day so getting wet in some of the attraction wasn’t a big problem and we were dry quick enough. There are a lot of attraction and too many to tell about but I think their website gives a pretty good idea. We had a great day and lots of fun. The only downside is sometimes the long queues before an attraction but I can’t really say that’s any different with any other park. You get used to it. A great and would love to go back!
Six Flags Magic Mountain
26101 Magic Mountain Parkway
Valencia, California, 91355
(661) 255-4100

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