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Like all the other iconic places, the Coliseum is located right in the middle of busy streets and other buildings.
Go better in the morning - then people are not so much. True, the mummers gladiators are already on the alert and invited to be photographed with them in memory. A souvenir vendors have laid out their tents.
When approaching, already beginning to penetrate the scale construction. Even sorry that's left of it so little (many years after "closing " it was used as a quarry for other buildings). It is evident that a fairly impressive part - it's a remake.
We go inside. It used to be about 80 entries, but now only one. Ticket to the Colosseum +Palatine + Roman Forum costs about 13 euros. Large holes in the walls - this is for metal clips that are fastened together travertine and marble blocks.
The route of the Colosseum one - not like free. But even when you find yourself among the other top, then freezes on whether it was big.
It also became the discovery that "Coliseum" comes from the word "Colossus", which was called a huge monument to Nero, who was standing nearby. The monument is no more, but the Colosseum still remains.
The Colosseum/Coliseum
Piazza Del Colosseo
Rome, Italy, 00184
+39 (06) 7004261


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