Biking Across the Golden Gate Bridge!

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The Golden Gate Bridge. This must-see that deserves attention, so this is it! When we where touring through America it was something we just wanted to see while being in San Francisco. It’s always something you see and hear about on television and is of these things that you need to see it for yourself.


The Golden Gate Bridge connects San Francisco with Marin County. In 1916 a proposal for the construction of the bridge was launched, but it took until 1937 before the bridge officially opened. At the time of deployment it was the longest suspension bridge in the world. Today the bridge is still a very respectable ninth place and is the second longest suspension bridge in the U.S..

The bridge, at the request of the people of San Francisco, painted International Orange in color instead of the more common gray or silver colors, giving it the bridge a more characteristic appearance.

The bridge

During my stay in San Francisco, I could see the bridge from my balcony. What a luxury! It is an unmistakable landmark, and from various points in San Francisco you have a breathtaking view of the bridge and the ocean.

The distinctive design allows the bridge calling elegant, and the surroundings are just beautiful. The road surface is connected by cables with two pillars.

You can explore the bridge by foot, by bike, segway car. I would recommend themselves by bike (these are to rent in the tourist area near the pier), which gives you a much better impression of the bridge when you drive by car. Moreover you have the ability to stop whenever you want. Problem is that cyclists are riding two directions on one side of the bridge, so you should watch yourself a bit. By car the way you pay $ 6 toll, while traffic to the north is free.

Another possibility is to take the boat at sunset under the bridge. Also, I highly recommend this-it's a wonderful, refreshing experience, which helped in my case that not only the captain told us many interesting facts, but also had a healthy dose of humor. For $ 10 it was definitely worth it!


By foot or bike is free to visit the bridge, while a car ride south will cost you $ 6. A boat trip is $ 10. The view of this amazing bridge however costs nothing, zilch, nada!


If you're in San Francisco, you can hardly not go to the Golden Gate Bridge. The bridge is world famous, for good reason! Take the time and visit the bridge by bicycle and enjoy one of the most beautiful structures that man has made.
Golden Gate Bridge
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