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Near the Central Station is the NH Barbizon Hotel. A posh 5 star hotel with 270 rooms. I had a meeting here recently. Well, I've never been in the Barbizon Hotel. So for me it was a whole new experience.


On the prince Hendrikkade flaunts the big name above the entrance to the Barbizon Hotel. The facades of several 17th century canal houses were left intact. But behind everything is restored and renovated. From outside, you do not realize that this is a hotel with 270 rooms, with modern conveniences such as WiFi, air conditioning and cable TV.

For the entrance is staff which give that luxurious atmosphere to the hotel. Through the glass door you go inside and you're suddenly in a huge room full of light with a marble floor. The luxury comes towards you. Left in the lobby reception desk. A beautiful gray wall, behind a glass screen sits a lady who welcomes you and asks if she can help you. The lobby is huge with a glass roof section, where the light is entering. Further back are 4 elevators and left are the bar and restaurant. In the middle of the gray lobby are sofas and chairs placed. To the right is a staircase down to the business center.


They have a guarded parking lot. But with a few sites and a high price 45 euro per day. Maybe you should take the train.

The hotel

You go down the stairs. And then via a spiral staircase up again. Later it turns out that there is a tunnel, which connects the Barbizon Hotel with the Olof church, on the other side of the road.

This church is now converted into a business hall / conference room of the Barbizon Hotel. Here are 11 business areas located. The chapel itself has become a huge hall and 15th century church has been beautifully renovated. The original pillars of the church remain in place. The beautiful stained glass windows provide enough light. Everything looks great, I can only say that it is an ideal conference space. Behind a podium is a big black piano. There is even a balcony in the church where we at the end of the meeting were given a drink. This conference is a great opportunity.

All amenities are present in the room, beamer point, computer facilities. The conference looks very luxurious. Comfortable chairs to sit. Coffee / tea making facilities are available and look well groomed.


The prices of rooms range from a standard double room including breakfast for a suite for 204 euro’s to 650 euro’s for two people. For the best prices are best online. Keep in mind the 5% additional tax. The rooms are very modern looking but still have those old elements. It’s a good combination. Everything in the room is there and the bed was really comfortable. The bathroom is spacious and the shower/bath worked really well.


Besides the business facilities the hotel has spa facilities including sauna, Turkish bath, massage parlor, beauty shop and nursery. For the fitness and sauna, you pay separately 12,50 euro’s. Near the hotel, starting all the tourist attractions of Amsterdam. Within walking distance you can go to the canal boats and go through the canals, and around the corner is the old "Tower of Tears" where the wives of the sailors waved goodbye to their husbands. A semi-circular tower that is beautifully restored. At various places in the hotel include sanitation. These are, like you might expect such a place, very spacious and very clean.


The entire hotel is disabled friendly. There are few or no barriers and the elevators are pretty big and spacious. Even at the entrance is given to disabled facilities.

Bar / Restaurant

There are two restaurants and a bar in the hotel. The Vermeer restaurant where you get three-course menu for 40 euro’s which is dignified. The Hudson restaurant with the "Bizonder bar is more relaxed. But also with a luxurious look. Beautiful purple trim and black wood chairs and stools. Alternating with gray and white checkered seats. We had a lunch of delicious salads. Pastries which were very tidy. The salmon sandwich with salad was excellent. At lunch you could choose from different drinks, so the usual coffee and tea, but also milk and buttermilk and natural orange juice.


You can pay with cash at this hotel, but also with credit cards. All credit cards like Visa, Mastercard and American Express are accepted. debitcard is also possible.


I had never been in this hotel but I was certainly impressed. The conference room was great but also the rooms of the hotel were spacious and has everything you need. You can relax in the hotel and have breakfast. The location is good so I like to go back again!

NH Barbizon Palace
Amsterdam, Netherlands
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