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Across the world, the diary of Anne Frank is known. It tells her story about the Second World War, how she and her family went into hiding and fears with which she lived. The book is known as very touching and moving. If you've read the book once it is certainly worth visiting the site where it is written.

The location

The Anne Frank House is accessible in several ways. First, you can go there by tram and bus, get off at Western Market. I myself chose to walk to the museum. This was very easy to do, I think fifteen minutes. It's awful nice to take a little walk, you see more of downtown, which is certainly worthwhile.

Admission Prices

There are several museum entrance fees. Also, the tickets can be ordered online, which is 0.50 euro’s reservation fee charges. You then have the advantage that you do not stay in the queues for a ticket.

Adults: € 8.50
10-17 year: € 4, -
0-9 years: free


Unfortunately, the secret is not accessible for wheelchairs. Well you can go to the new part of the house, where, among other things, the diary is exhibited. However, I personally believe that this is not entirely worthwhile. Because most people still go to the Anne Frank House to see how they lived in hiding. It is also not possible to visit the museum with guide dogs. However, there are signs for deaf people.


In summer and winter season are different opening hours.. In summer the opening hours are longer than in winter. For the times it is best to visit the website.

The house

The route begins in the house in the porch. Here was the office, warehouse and workshop, Otto Frank's company. Here you can find information about the family business and how, the company fared during the war. Also you can find stories of people who worked there. How they experience the transition and what they thought of the family. Then the route to the outhouse. Through the narrow stairs behind the bookcase go up. Here you can see several small rooms. In the kitchen you can come but unfortunately has not reach the attic. But you can see the tree through the window as you pass the stairs looking up. Then you end up in the building next to the house of Anne Frank. Here is the diary is on display and you can find information about the time of Anne in the concentration camps.

My opinion

I thought it was important to visit the house. I have read the book and always wanted to visit to get a better idea of what she and her family lived. I was really impressive to see the house and loved the way they had information displayed. It really gave you a good back ground on several subjects and even if you haven’t read the book. Walk around the house itself is impressive but I found the films about life in the camps very impressive. The story that a friend told Anne is really very impressive. I think it's a very good initiative and I am certainly believe we have to cherish this cultural heritage.

The Anne Frank House and Museum
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