The Amsterdam Dungeon

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How to get there?

From Amsterdam Central Station you walk straight ahead (Damrak), which then turns into Rokin. On your right you will see at some point the Amsterdam Dungeon. This is about 10 to 15 minutes. Who does not like to walk can also take the tram from the station. Trams 4, 9, 16, 24 & 25 stop at "Spui" or "Rokin."


Ticket prices are quite high, but through internet you can always buy cheaper tickets. At the box office in Amsterdam, you pay € 16.00 per child and for each adult€ 21.00. Your online purchase at least one child for one ticket for only € 12.80 or € 8.00 for a visit after 15:00 pm Adults pay € 16.80 online if you come after 3:00 p.m. € 10.50. So who wants to be cheap, plant his visit in the afternoon after 3:00 p.m and buy tickets online.

The dungeon

There are several dungeons in the world and each site tells its own story. In these cities you can do the adventure: Edinburgh, London, York, Hamburg and Amsterdam. you can click through to the different locations and learn more about all the experiences you can have. Nice to even think if you go on holiday toanother dungeon.

The London dungeon

Before you can really go in there first a picture taken of you are with. Nice of course to do, but they of course hope that they at the end of the ride you will buy these photos. After the photo you will get a ticket, at the exit where you can view free the pictures and if you want you can buy him. I do not know the exact price, but personally I think these photos are very expensive.

But what is now the Amsterdam Dungeon?

You make a journey through time. Five hundred years of Dutch history, you can experience in just 90 minutes. A dark history that is terrifying. Are you one moment in the pub, the next time you come by a kidnapper to the VOC-ship Batavia. That life there has been no fun, you will soon notice. A ship full of rats and scurvy which is the rule rather than exception. Do you get alive ashore?

Good for you if you survive, but time to recover is not there. You'll also have to be accountable to the Council of Blood, you get the vengeful side of Rembrandt on display at the house of correction and wander through a true mirror maze. The story of Cornelius Meynes definitely gives you goose bumps. After a visit to the Dungeon you will know everything about all the agonies that the executioner had to put people into a confession. Still have some courage? Go with the Grim Reaper in the hellish ride to doom! (Forbidden for pregnant women, people with heart conditions).


The main part of the journey through the history books is on leveled floors. There are some stairs and there are uneven paths. Per tour are allowed for safety reasons only one wheelchair at once. Electric wheelchairs are not allowed. Whoever comes with a wheelchair should definitely plan a visit on the Internet. Personally, I would just email or call at how this goes by the stairs.

My opinion

We certainly had a lovely day at The Amsterdam Dungeon. We had arrived early, so that we could join the half past ten tour, the first tour. After checkout you must walk through until a rope and wait there until the tour starts. It won’t say to much about it, so you will get right in the atmosphere there. In total, you have eleven shows and seven different players on your path. Besides information about the past you get a true experience. Excitement is certainly applicable to this attraction. What I found very well done, the actors take you through a story that is bilingual. Dutch and English are interspersed, and this goes really fast and smooth. It seems like they tell a story but in reality the story is told twice, but in two languages. They are always pieces that tell them in both languages, so your attention does not slip. Before you know it they go on in Dutch. The roller coaster at the end is not very long but very spectacular. Definitely a must for a time to go, but my advice is to or in advance via the Internet to buy your tickets.
The Amsterdam Dungeon
Near Dam Square, Rokin 78
Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1012

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