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Universal Studios is one of the biggest studios in America. Many great movies were made here, including the Hulk, Jurassic Park, Terminator, Psycho, Shrek, War of the Worlds. Also, various shows and cartoons were made at Universal Studios. Besides a film studio, is also an amusement park. There are two places you can visit, namely those in Los Angeles and Orlando. I have visited the park in Los Angeles.

There are different types of tickets available for Universal Studios Los Angeles:
Normal ticket ($ 67)
Front of Line Pass (($ 104)
VIP Experience ($ 199)

With a front line Pass you can pass go in many attractions and shows without waiting in line. For a VIP experience you can look behind the scenes and get a special tour of the studios.
Buy your tickets online, you can often get discounts.


The park layout is very good. Before you go inside you get a map so you can find everything. All attractions are fairly close together. There is also an area which is lower than the rest. Through escalators you can come here easily. The park is also really very friendly and has good wheelchair access to all attractions. There are many bins that are emptied regularly and there are people who keep everything clean. The planting and the decoration is in tip-top order.

Everywhere in the park you see familiar figures where you can take a picture with. Like Shrek, Spongebob, Dora and the Simpsons. Some characters, like Shrek, there is a queue. At first you think they are statues, until they move suddenly. There are also several places where you can take nice pictures. Jaws is so somewhere where you can make such a picture with your head in his mouth open. Also you see photos of famous actors and advertising posters of both new and old movies.


Throughout the park you have the ability to eat or drink. There are restaurants, but also simple, typical American meals like hamburgers and fries. Before entering the park, or when you leave the park, you enter a street with lots of dining options. In the same street are also many different shops. There are not only shops with souvenirs, but also as engine parts, or clothes. In the park itself are also shops where you can buy souvenirs.

Throughout the park are restrooms available. There are many booths, so you never have to wait. Also, everything looks squeaky clean. In the park are several hotels, so you can stay several days. I have not done this and therefore cannot judge these hotels.

Studio Tour

One of the most popular attractions at Universal Studios is the Studio Tour. It is because of the enormous popularity therefore advisable to here as the first to go, because the row during the day just gets longer. During the Studio Tour you see everything what has to do with the films of Universal Studios. You'll see true sets and they explain how certain things are done that you see in the movies. You pass the sets of Psycho, War of the Worlds and Desperate Housewives. You will also see Jaws and King Kongt. Through special effects you will see how things are done in the movies. There is also a video screen that shows how the sets look like in the movies. Very nice it is to see that some sets have been used for several films, but it still seems very different from all the little details. During the ride you're in a kind of van. You can best sit the left side, because most things happen to the left. Self I was almost right, although you also see everything; it is not as spectacular as on the left.

The attractions

In the Jurassic Park ride - The ride, you're in a boat and you'll pass all kinds of dinosaurs in the movie. The dinosaurs spray water or move their tails, making you wet. At the end of the day you get to see the dangerous dinosaurs at the very end and even the famous T-Rex. After you've seen T-Rex it makes a big drop down, leaving you wetter. During the fall there is a picture of you made. It is impossible to dry after the attraction, since you are in Los Angeles is not really a problem.vI found the ride very well developed. The details of the dinosaurs are really good. The attraction is one of the best water rides where I've been.

The attraction Revenge of the Mummy - The Ride is a roller coaster in the dark. Through holograms you see all sorts of images during the ride, such as skulls and mummy's. At the end you stand still for a display and a story is told. Is that insects that walk on your legs? And just when you think it's over, we continue the journey, on a whole other way that you expected. Especially the end of the ride quite surprised me. For a roller coaster in the dark, this worked out extremely well, thanks to sound effects and holograms. The roller coaster is not extremely strong, but very fun to do.

Shrek 4D is a 4D show. This means that you see a movie with 3D effects, and so you need a special 3D glasses. 4D means that there are additional things happening around you. So you get water in your face or do you sit on the benches that move. Shrek 4D is fantastic! The film contains all the familiar characters from the films and of course there's also some humor. It's a nice change after some intense rides. This is not heavy, but very funny.

There are many more attractions, but it is of course the best for yourself to figure out what exactly to do. There are attractions for both older people and all is well developed in detail.


Water World is one of the most popular shows at Universal Studios. This stunt was based on the movie Waterworld. The show takes place on the water and you will experience boats and watercraft stunts. There is also a lot of fire and action. In the show are actors of famous series like CSI Las Vegas. The show received an award as the best stunt of America.
The show is indeed very good. If you've seen the movie you recognize things. A fascinating story that is easy to understand. Sometimes it is less easy to follow if you want to know what happened. At certain times, things happen in three different places. There are two shows in one day, so check in advance when this and make sure you're there on time. Check carefully for where you sit. The colors of the chairs say is whether you can get wet or not.

Backdraft is a show that revolves around special effects, but mainly about fire. You get to see how fire is made in movies. How did they do the explosions? It is also very interesting to hear things in movies that are made with fire.

There are many more shows at Universal Studios, all worth a look. What exactly is sometimes depending on the time you're there.

My opinion

Universal Studios is a theme park where one day you can have fun. Everything is easy to do one day, but it does depend on how busy it is. On some days it's less busy than other days and even in high season you can expect more visits. When we were there we never have a long wait in queues. The longest was about 20 minutes for the studio tour. When it is a lot busier, like in high season or weekends, then you might want to purchase a front line pass.

The attractions and shows are great! I have amused myself and also learned a lot. The details of the attractions are very well developed and you can see that you are dealing with a film studio. It does not matter what attraction you go, because it's just extremely well put together. Especially House of Horrors has really surprised me and the attraction of Jurassic Park was terribly cool.

The restaurants are fine. Are you a lover of movies, attractions or both? Then you are good at Universal Studios. This theme park is surely one of the best I've been!
Universal Studios Hollywood
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, California, 91608
(818) 864 837-725


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