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Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jctravel1983 on December 9, 2010

I had a conference here. So I have a few days to look around at this hotel. Typical for this hotel is that it has a convention center, so set for large meetings. Details: 397 rooms, four star hotel, shops on the ground floor.


The hotel is not that difficult to find but had a bit of a shock when I arrived since it was $ 18 for one day parking. You walk past the disabled parking spaces to a large courtyard. On your left you will see a tall tower. No that's not the tower of the Hilton building. But it is the tower of the World Trade Centre, a sort of chamber of commerce. Ideally situated in a semicircle in the middle with a great patio. The other half of the circle is the Hilton Hotel. I see now that I've entered through the back because the door is on the other side of the lobby. But the back has nice decorations and ambience of a Hilton hotel. For example a big long box, where water flows artfully, as a long waterfall.

The reception

They love circles. Because the reception in the lounge is like a big circle and of course the glamour and glitter with a black marble reception desk. The staff at the reception was really nice and helpful.

Conference rooms

I still like going to conferences in this chain. Because they know exactly how things should be regulated, from room supplies, to care, to catering and media applications. Just super.
You can get rooms for 20 people, but also for 800 people. Our conference was for 200 people. In the room was a good acoustics, air conditioning worked well and the sound through the microphone was well understood. For the conference, I got the Hilton hotel, a mail asking if I needed special audiovisual equipment or computers for my presentation. My experience with this is that early in the morning my beautiful requested equipment was ready. Of course you have to take account of significant amounts for the rental of these devices. For example a display costs $ 400 per day! I have almost bought a screen! But it's all perfectly arranged.


I keep positive. In the breaks were at different locations in the corridors, stations made with coffee in different varieties, tea varieties and each time different snacks. In large silver dishes lie between the ice, soda bottles. You can even 10:00 in the morning begin with chips. Throughout the conference, if you walked outside, there was fresh coffee, tea and soft drinks available. And I mean really fresh coffee. I think they refreshed almost every hour. The lunch took place in a large restaurant. Again it was brought on a horde of logistics 200 people at once. Several units with self-service buffets. Oh, I think 100 different things, from soup, to pasta, fish, meat, vegetables and desserts. With your eyes you really could see more than you can eat. The American excess in a refined form.

But the reception area, which again took place at a different location, was very controlled. The drinks came quickly and performs very well. But here again snacks in different variations.

Disability Policy

Here you do not have to be afraid of. There is a disability policy. It starts with parking. But the hotel itself is all wheelchair accessible and patency. Super wide elevators, custom disabled facilities in rooms.


You're in California. One of the first areas where people with smoking bans started. So the whole hotel is non smoking. People may agree on the patio on a roofed terrace smoking. But the ashtrays are far removed from the door. A sign on the door, stating that it is forbidden to smoke in the vicinity of about 100 meters from the door.


At the end of the conference halls are the toilets. Heavy doors with a hall first before coming up for the toilets themselves. Everything is well maintained. On a form at the door, you see that someone has just cleaned.


On the first floor is a pool deck. It is not too large. At the pool you will get clean white towels. These are neatly folded in a closet near the door. It struck me that despite the upheaval in the hotel, but few people were using this facility.

The room

I think it's a luxury to sleep in a Hilton hotel. You'll have the room and see a big bed, nice done in a large room. I had a room with a kingbed. Then the wide screen TV. It has some. On a worksheet is also a coffee device, with larger pads for a cup. I can choose from real Colombian coffee and decaf. Throughout the hotel you have wireless Internet connection for you. You see the corridors armchairs everyone with a laptop on his lap. What is it handy!

The bathroom looks wide and shining with health. The basin is recessed into a mixed brown marble top. Space for your stuff to put down. Typical badspulletjes, shampoo and conditioner from a good quality. Crabtree bottles look nice and the scent really smells like roses. I can just say, a luxurious room with a nice bed. The mattress is thick and sturdy. I have slept.


At the conference special rates for the rooms. For this room I paid $ 155. Without breakfast. Normally, the price is around $ 175. I did not really common. But it is an advantage that you're close to the conference. Of course there are also more expensive and better rooms. My next tip: After the conference I also find good hotels at a better price. Look at my other reviews.


Just a perfect opportunity for a conference. Very good for large groups of people. Perfect care, in every detail. But pricey. For a cup of coffee in the bar, you pay $ 4. But there radiates a luxury throughout the hotel. The escalator to the first floor to the rooms and conference rooms. Quality costs money. But you also get something. But I am glad that my boss paid it!
Hilton Long Beach
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