Souvenir Central in Cairns

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by travelswithkids on December 8, 2010

If you want to buy Australian souvenirs, then the Night Markets in Cairns is the place to go. It is a series of stalls and shops chock full of T-shirts, magnets, sports jerseys, mugs, and any other cheap souvenir with a kangaroo connection you can think of. It also contains some slightly nicer stores with outback style leather coats and hats, kangaroo pelts, etc.

Easily found right in the heart of downtown Cairns, it also has a large section full of fortune tellers, tarot card readers, and aromatherapists if you're into that sort of thing. There are also a few low-budget restaurants in its small food court section, mostly quick chinese food kind of places.

The Night Markets draw a big crowd and it was fun to walk through and see the various shops and souvenirs. And they really do have about the cheapest prices for T-shirts and other little souvenirs. If you want a real modern mall with department stores and typical mall clothing stores, there is a big mall a few blocks away on the edge of downtown Cairns. But do check out the fun experience of the Night Markets also.
Cairns Night Markets
The Esplanade
Cairns, Australia
(07) 4051 7666

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