Irreverent Art

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by akakd on December 4, 2010

Located very near the entrance of the Cristo Redentor Monument (turn left out of the train station) is the MIAN--Museu Internacional de Arte Naif or International Museum of Naive Art. When we arrived, the gate to the entrance was padlocked, but we rang the doorbell at the gate & were let in. We were the only visitors in this unique museum, overflowing with vibrant color. The term naive is applied to art practiced by the self-taught. As you walk in, you are immediately drawn to a vast canvas measuring 13X23 feet titled Rio de Janeiro, I Like You, I Like Your Happy People. On the mezzanine level is a huge 78 feet long mural that covers the upper two walls, depicting historical events. Remember to show your tickets to the Cristo Redentor for half off the price of admission.
Museu Internacional de Arte Naif
Rua Cosme Velho, 561 Cosme Velho
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 22241-090
+55 21 22058612

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