Under The Sea- Sort Of...

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by CarolinaPanthers1983 on November 30, 2010

Myrtle Beach has many places tourists can check out. One place that stands out is Ripley's Aquarium Museum. I took my wife and me to this intriguing museum. It was a Sunday afternoon in the cold, November afternoon. With most of the attractions closed, we decided to check this place out.

We came at the entrance of the museum. We saw a female attendant who was taking money from visitors and handing out tickets. We waited behind another family. We overheard the attendant charged the family $21 per person. My jaw dropped when I heard the prices, and I was about to change my mind about checking out this aquarium. My wife decided that we should go up to the attendant and see if there was a discount. Fortunately, a discount was offered. Because I was in the military, the attendant was able to slash the regular price of admission. Instead of $21 per person, I had to pay only $10.95 per person. I guess being in the military does have its benefits, especially when checking this aquarium out. If you haven't realized, my face went from disappointment to joyously shock.

Inside the Museum
When we entered the museum, I was greeted by a tubular tank with fish. I thought this was awesome because the tube had tons of different fishes. Also, we were greeted by another attendant of the aquarium that took our pictures while in front of the tank. One thing that I was surprised about this aquarium was how small the place was. For $21 per person, I would think that this aquarium would compete with the likes of Sea World; however, it was not the case. Nonetheless, the small area was excellent because it told me that I would see much of the exhibit without having the need to rush through the museum. The size is excellent if you have children who want to run around and look at fish. I think that if you want to quickly see everything in the museum without having to take time to explore the aquarium., then the aquarium should take only an hour at best to explore.
What I loved about the museum was the numerous of fishes and how they put them in the exhibits. I could tell that this aquarium took its time in focusing on detail and putting certain water animals in certain exhibits. I love the exhibit that had all the dangerous and poisonous fish the best. I loved how they showed how each species of fish use their certain tools either to capture prey or protect themselves. I shall not go into too much detail because I would hate to ruin the experience if you choose to go. Basically, the aquarium has many cool animals to explore and see.

What I Think of This Visit
I would say that I had a pleasant visit to this aquarium. Even though I thought the prices were ridiculous for a small aquarium, I loved how this aquarium was designed. The design of the museum is what made appreciating the fishes and water animals enjoyable. I would recommend this aquarium to anyone who visits Myrtle Beach. When you come here, you will feel like you are under the sea... well, sort of.

Ripley's Aquarium
1110 Celebrity Circle
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, 29577
(800) 734-8888


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