Hyde Park

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Who says Hyde Park to me just get a broad smile back, Hyde Park brings back memories to me. All positive. Whether in Sydney's Hyde Park or the park in London, it remains a magical atmosphere for me. The park is a real event in London park. Here I have been at the party, Hard Rock Calling. With performances from The Police, The Bangles and Eric Clapton along with this beautiful park was a successful party. The magic of Hyde Park London I will never forget.


Hyde Park was claimed in 1536 by Hendrik the eighth to use as a hunting ground. It is one of the Royal Parks of London. Here belong, for example, Richmond and Regent Park. Today is the official property of the royal family. The park is also named after Anna Hyde and thanks to the many monuments in the park you also learn about history. Very nice to have an afternoon to wander.

Location and accessibility

Hyde Park is in central London and is easily accessible by bus, taxi and subway. There are maps available in virtually any accommodation. You simply can not miss it. Around the park is the bridle path called Rotten Row, and adjacent to Kensington Gardens. A tip: there are many good hotels and hostels around Hyde Park to find. Because the centrally located park is an ideal starting point to discover the center.


The park is large and has many great attractions besides that it has a beautiful park. I will only tell about the major and my favorites here briefly.

Fountain for Princess Diana: The tragic death of Diana is still fresh in my memory. The paparazzi, the driver, the accident in the Paris tunnel and shoot me immediately to mind. The monument to the deceased Princess is a beautiful fountain in the shape of an oval ring. It was opened on July 6, 2004.

Holocaust Memorial: Do not really need detailed explanations, it is an impressive monument full of names of Jewish people who did not survive WWII.

Speakers Corner: The most famous part of the park. Once came here and people together for the people to speak. There are plenty of information boards are you a nice picture of the past. Most tourist spot in the Hyde Park


Apart from the many activities organized, you can also do much activities. This park is ideal for:

* Roller Skates
* Boating
* Bird Watching
* Riding
* Eating out
* Playing with the kids on the playgrounds.


People who have difficulty walking or wheelchair one can also go to the park and enjoy all the beauty as I've experienced, the magic. There are plenty of toilets in the park. There are also several bars, cafes and other places where you can buy just a refreshment. There are maps all restaurants in the park to get the map of Hyde Park, This is handy if you go one day.

My experiences and conclusions

I've been here with the Hard Rock Calling concert, as is described in the introduction. From Victoria train station, I walk towards the park. This is because it was quite a mess, the whole world had turned up to watch the top bands who played. The park is big enough and they are accustomed to world class events to put down in a safe and effective manner. There were plenty of places to eat and drink on the premises and the security was more than perfectly fine. The park itself, with highlights including the memorial for Princess Diana and the Speakers Corner, is worth a half day walking around, watching birds, but above all to enjoy. The magic radiates from there for me. The facilities are perfectly fine. A very nice, clean and well maintained park in central London. The atmosphere, the business people who have a break and yet the rest of the tourists. I'm in love. If you go to London I recommend hotels and hostels around Hyde Park In short: If you're in London do not come back until you've seen Hyde Park
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