Trevi Fountain

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I was recently in Rome for one week when it was about 40 degrees in the shade, but still I enjoyed it very much. In Rome, I discovered a lot of tourist attractions. One was the Trevi Fountain.


The Trevi Fountain is located in the center of Rome and is pretty easy to reach. The fountain is near the Barberini metro station.

What is there to see?

The Trevi Fountain is a huge fountain that both width and depth is about twenty meters high. Its theme is the "ocean" and the sea god Neptune, his horses and other major gods are found in various statues. These images next to the fountain and make it all into one beautiful whole. In itself it is already a beautiful thing, but the fact that’s it’s right in the heart of Rome, gives me a special feeling when you walk by.

What to do?

The place is really just enjoy. There are many benches around the fountain to find. In addition, you can see lots of tourists, couples and families taking pictures of each and everyone here just seems really happy, very nice! There is also a myth about the Trevi Fountain that says when you trow a coin in your right hand over your right shoulder into the fountain you will come back again in Rome.

Stalls, beggars and street vendors

The Trevi Fountain has now been a tourist attraction and of course there are many stalls around. Everyone usually gets holiday souvenirs and I recommend you get them here. The range is large, the prices are the same as in the real souvenir shops and you have the opportunity to bargain.

With loads of tourists to this place it’s a good revenue source for beggars. Outside the fountain you will see a lot of them. There are also street vendors that you actively want to sell the most ridiculous things, like a laser lights, a stress ball or a plastic propeller helicopter you can shoot in the air. They are very pushy and you really should say clear 'no' , before they finally left you alone.

I have a visit the Trevi fountain in late August v and that was actually in the high season. It was extremely busy, both day and night. Fortunately, it is an attraction you can visit within a half hour, which places on the benches where you can sit. The street vendors are pretty annoying, but if you let them clearly know that you want nothing they will leave you alone. I just enjoyed this fountain and I hope someday I will be come back, thanks to my coin.


If someone asks for a few famous tourist attractions in Rome, it’s almost always the Trevi Fountain. It gives a special feeling when you just come across this huge fountain in central Rome. You may as well relax and watch both the fountain and the happy people. It is also the ultimate place to buy souvenirs.
Trevi Fountain
Piazza di Trevi
Rome, Italy, 00187

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