The Pantheon

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What is Rome still a beautiful city! For seven days I was in Rome. The whole town is really just as a big museum. While walking in the modern center of Rome is, you just see so much. So you see between the streets suddenly the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps and the Pantheon.

The Pantheon is located in the center of Rome. A walk of about five minutes you're at the Trevi Fountain and after ten minutes you can also look at the Spanish Steps. The temple has no subway station. That needs a walk to the underground station Barberini, the station of the Trevi Fountain.

What is the Pantheon?
The word 'Pantheon' and 'dome' will often come together in a sentence. Rightly so, as the Pantheon is known for its large dome. While you're at the front facade of a beautiful Roman temple, it conceals itself behind an impressive thing, a large room and above is a dome with a height of more than 40 meters. At the top of this dome is in the middle a hole, also called the oculus, which ensures the stability of the building.

A little bit of history I find important in a historical building. Around 30 BC, the Pantheon has built, led by Marcus Agrippa (who is also named on the front of the temple). 150 years later it was again destroyed by fire, however. A reconstruction followed soon and this version is the same as the one we now can see. The building was in fact used as a church and this is the Pantheon over the years so well preserved and was not destroyed.

Things to do today?
Nowadays, the Pantheon is still free to visit. Admission is free and it can not hurt to take a step inside if you are in Rome. Inside, you walk on a beautiful marble floor and there are several statues. There are also some seats on benches to find, so after a long day it’s perfect for going out to rest. If you still just look up you will see the dome and oculus, as the highlight of the Pantheon. Then you can through the same pathway to leave the temple.

The Pantheon is a major tourist attraction and outside the entrance are the necessary stalls selling souvenirs. There are Beggars with a sign on the ground and now and then you see street vendors.

The temple is situated on a large and famous square, the 'Piazza della Rotonda. In the middle of the square stands a large obelisk (an obelisk / tower) and a nice fountain where you can sit at. Nice to know also that the square may be as reflected in "Angels and Demons' by Dan Brown.


My Times
During my visit to Rome this part could not have been left. By subway get off at the Spanish Steps and then about ten minutes walk to the tourist attraction. From outside it looked all nice, but inside it makes the experience even better. The images were ok, the only thing it is really all about is the dome.

Once you are in the middle of the building is, the dome is very impressive to see. From that base, it all seems very large and it's just clever when you consider how they ever made this. The dome is fully open (no cover). This openness means that the rain goes right trough it. Too bad that I have not experienced this, it seems very funny to watch.

I have visited around late August visit. It is terribly hot than in Rome, but in the Pantheon was to do well with temperature. In terms of tourism it is seen as the peak season in August and it was very crowded in the Pantheon. You had enough room to walk and you are free to move.


The Pantheon, located in the center of Rome is a great attraction to see in Rome. The construction of the impressive dome and the opening hole is just extraordinary to see, especially when it rains. It is one of the most important temples in Rome that is still standing and thus one of the things you really must see during your trip. It's free, so a visit can never hurt and close facilities are also great opportunities.
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