The Colosseum

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The Colosseum

When we went to Rome, we visited many monuments, Renaissance, Baroque, Medieval and of course the classics. You can not miss the Colosseum. We looked at a lot of information and photos and of course I also have seen many films about the the Colosseum. This made me have very high expectations of this ancient fighting arena. Has the Colosseum met these expectations?


The Colosseum is surrounded by the ancient Roman town and is therefore very easy to reach. In Rome for a few euros you can easily but not quickly get there by taxi. There is also the possibility of a bus but the best option is still underground. From the main station Termini you come in once stop at the Colosseum, a few meters away from the Colosseum itself. The area offers plenty to do, for example, you can visit the Roman Forum or near one of the typical Italian cafes or bars have a drink or lunch.

Brief History

The Colosseum was the largest amphitheater in the world, located in the city itself, of course, Rome. Emperor Vespasian gave in the year 72 the command to build the building. Construction was completed in 80. Besides that the Colosseum was built for the people it was also built to forget the hated Emperor Nero of Rome. The Colosseum was built at the place where Nero wanted to establish his palace.

Were was the amphitheater for?

As most of you know from movies like The Gladiator, gladiator fights were held, but that was certainly not all! On an average day in an amphitheater consisted of many other aspects, in the mornings were such battles with exotic animals to fight against each other or against the fighters. Afternoons were often with comedies held and convictions. Only at the end of the day began most popular games, gladiator fights. These two people fought mostly against one another to overcome it, the emperor or sponsor then decided, under the influence of the public, or the defeated gladiator should live or die.

The Building

The building is very large and massive. The first sight is therefore certainly impressive, the idea that 2000 years ago this was built. The Colosseum covers 188 to 156 meters and the height is about 49 meters. The Colosseum is famous for its impressive columns and arches, all arches served as entrance and exits. Research have shown that within 5 minutes the Colosseum could be evacuated. The Colosseum is made of brick, concrete, travertine, marble and sandstone. The holes in the Colosseum are made by barbarians who wanted to get the iron out. The seats in the Colosseum was divided to class with the best seat of course for the emperor and leading senators. The Colosseum was covered with a giant screen from sun and rain.


Apart from the building itself are in the Colosseum toilets and in between some reliefs are exhibited but the attraction is the building itself more naturally. Around the Colosseum are gladiators posing for photographs and you can buy at a stall for three euro a drink. The Colosseum is disabled-friendly.

My Visit and Conclusion

How have I experienced this visit to the Colosseum? On a sunny day with our walk group we entered the huge building. Then I got no sense of joy or disappointment, it was exactly, but exactly what I had expected. I wasn’t really surprised with the inside and I even thought it was a bit small compared the massive outside. It’s definitely a place to visit inside and you can even take a tour.
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