The Lobster Nazis of New England

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by ideagirl on November 28, 2010

Before I left for the east coast, a friend said to me, "You've gotta have the LAHbstah while you're theah...LABstahs as big as youeh AHM!" he exclaimed with placing his right hand at the crook of his left arm to show me exactly how big the LAHbstahs were. I kept this in mind as I roamed the Massachusetts coast. I had never had a LAHBstah as big as my arm, and this would be something fun to write home about.

My host in Plymouth suggested I hit the Lobster Hut, a local landmark that sits at the end of Plymouth Harbor. It doesn't look like much from the outside, but I wasn't looking for fancy. I was looking for an 18 inch lobster.

I entered, and then took a moment to figure out what to do next. The small building set over the rocks was filled with bench-style tables and an order counter along one wall. Suddenly, a nasally voice cut through the din of diners, and I realized it was directed at me. It could have been the soup nazi, but it wasn't, it was a middle-aged woman.

"If you don't know what you want, step aside!" she shouted. I was shocked, and meekly did as I was told while I tried to read the menu. The hubbub was a bit confusing, and after a long day in Boston I was a bit disoriented. I finally stepped up to the window and ordered a lobster.

"Is that all?" the woman looked at me like I was crazy.

"Um, yes, ma'am, please," I muttered.

She directed me to find a seat, and I chose a bench on the outside patio overlooking the ocean. When my order was called, I moved to the pick up window. There it was, a lobster as big as my arm, with a half a piece of corn on the cob, on a paper plate, for $15. Shell crackers require a refundable deposit of $2. I guess they have a problem with people stealing them, though why is beyond me. Perhaps there is a black market for them in these parts.

The lobster was delicious, by the way. I have read a lot of reviews of the Hut, and the soup nazi attitude is often mentioned. Keep in mind, though, that the soup nazi served the best soup in New York. Likewise, the LAHBstah at the Lobster Hut is worth waiting for. The ambiance is wonderful in a small-town, blue collar way, and eating over the crashing waves gave me an authentic new England vibe.

Would I go there again? In a heartbeat! Now I know the routine, and I am a simple woman. I don't need to eat fancy, I just need someone to yell instructions at me, right before handing me one of the most delicious and succulent sea meats I have ever eaten.
Lobster Hut
25 Town Wharf
Plymouth, Massachusetts, 02360
(508) 746-2270

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