San Antonio Vulcano, La Palma

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La Palma is a truly volcanic island. A place what you should definitely visit is the Volcano of San Antonio. The volcano last erupted in 1676. There is a visitor center, where you can find lots of information about the eruption of San Antonio and adjacent Teneguia volcano erupted in 1971.

The Visitor center
Before you arrive you have to pay 3.50 euros per person. Children are free. There is a spacious parking place. In the visitors center can see a movie of about half an hour, where the history and eruption of the volcano is shown. The film will be screened in different languages. We have seen him in English. In the visitor can get drinks, ice and light refreshments. There are toilets, which are neatly cleaned. The visitor center has large billboards with all kinds of information and pictures of the volcano. Through a door in the rear you to get to where you can walk over to the edge of the crater.

The walks
You can choose between a walk on the edge half hour or one larger walk of two hours, which is tiring because you are walking down the ramp trough mullet volcanic dust. We were on the top of the left edge and enjoyed the spectacular 'moon' views. We didn’t really go fast, because at the beginning, we saw many lizards, some with stunning blue throats. The lizards were clearly fond of tourists and wanted to be fed. They come eating out of your hand and it is nice to see. Once you continue the walk you will see to the left the magnificent volcanic crater, which has slowly grown with plants again. Right you have ocean views, with beautiful rocky coastline and villages in the area. The hills look barren and rocky out like a moonscape.

My experience
A beautiful place where you really like to go. It is worth 3.50 euros! The view is spectacular on both sides. I think you should not suffer from vertigo in some places the path is narrow and it is very deep on both sides. We have a good time with the lizards and hang around there very long. Also in the vicinity of the volcano, there is plenty to do, to a full day outing. Highly recommended!
San Antonio Volcano
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