Member Rating 1 out of 5 by brightoutside on November 21, 2010

Our experience with Q'ente was awful! We did the lares trek to Maccu Picchu

The schedule was for their bus to take us back from Ollantaytambo to Cuzco.
When we arrived by train to the station, their bus (in which we had left excess buggage) was nowhere.
We waited 1 hour but nothing. We called the cellphone of the secretary which did nothing to help us, she only said "I'm not the one who organized this trip!!!" and when we asked her for the telephone number of the guide she said " I don't have it", after 6 overseas calls to her and replies like "call me back in 10 minutes I can't call overseas numbers from my phone!" we only found out that she had turned off her phone!!!

The only thing we could do then was to ask every bus driver in the station (thank god my gf knows spanish) and finally we found a bus driver which had a list with our names, but in another operator company!! And offcourse our bags wheren't there.

Moreover the itinerary was completely different than that they had sent and the guide was also dreadful, running at least half a kilometre in front of us during the trek and never having any stops to rest, and all these at almost 4500m altitude.

I have many more to write but I don't want to be tiring..
Qente Tours
Cusco, Peru


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