Luxor Museum is better

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by soulcougher on November 19, 2010

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo is like a huge unorganized warehouse of ancient history. Most of the pieces are badly labeled and quite a few things aren't at all. The one thing worth seeing however is the Tutankhamun exhibit towards the rear of the second floor. Other than that I would give it a miss. Yes, the mummy room is said to be a must in most guide books but read on my friend.
If you are not big into museums but feel you must see at least one while in Egypt I would opt for the Museum in Luxor. The Luxor Museum is very well laid out and is very informative. It also has a few mummies of past pharohs just like the Egyptian Musuem which is another reason to skip the "warehouse". On a whole (while not nearly as many) the exhibits in Luxor are of much better quality and just as significant.
Egyptian Museum
Tahrir Square
Cairo, Egypt
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