"above" the clouds

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Teide Volcano - one of the places "MAST SEE" on the island. So consider the guidebooks.
We're a little doubtful, so have seen up to this volcano, and the action, and this, at first sight, not even smoking. But, nevertheless, went to the area of Las Canadas and do not regret it. You can go back at least to take a break from the heat. And from the crowds of tourists.
And the scenery there is quite a unique ...
At first the Mirador (viewing platform), which begin after Vilaflor, it becomes clear that we are "above" the clouds)))
Soon for Boca del Tauce road starts at the bottom of the caldera Las Canadas, at an altitude of about 2000m. Mostly landscapes, many say, are like the moon, but most often it is still growing some bushes - so the comparison with the moon disappears once.
And the hardened lava everywhere ... By the way, walk in it extremely inconvenient! That is, I was not going there to arrange a long hike, so appropriate footwear is not picked up, but even a couple of steps up to the nearest shrub (in pursuit of a snapshot) were given sandals with difficulty.
One of the most unique plants in these places - Tajinaste rojo. In the spring, when plants are in bloom, it reaches a height of 2 meters and looks pretty impressive in the photographs.
Teide National Park/Mount Teide

Tenerife, Canary Islands


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