Place was my worst nightmare!!!

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by Laura252 on November 1, 2010

I stayed there with my family for a Fall Break and had to leave the next night due to a drunk trying to get into our room. The security guard there said he was drunk and thought our room was his room. The drunk or robber not sure what he was kept banging on the door saying he was coming in. I had my two children in the room and my husband told him to leave more than once. I think the guy was trying to break in and was drunk and who knows what he was doing. If you are a drunk who gambles what are you doing trying to get in rooms? Are you looking for money? Trying to kill people? Who knows. I had no idea what he was doing but I had a 9 yr old boy in the room and a 12 yr old girl who are my life.

The staff was told to come get this moron and they later told us they escorted him to his room. We had asked for them to come and tell us what was going on and noone did. That staff at the resort did not come and check on their guests who had just been terrified. How do you explain to children that it is safe again?

We had to all go to the front desk and demand to talk to someone not knowing if that lunatic was still out in hall or what was going on. The security guard had to be called back to tell us what happened that was utter nonsense. Who does that to guests? The manager up front was a snob told her we tried to call she rudely said the phone did not ring to me. After what I had just went through she is lucky I did not call the police on them for all that happened.

They almost acted like it was ok and were clearly more concerned with the guy who had tried to break into our room. I did not care if he was drunk and lost had that had been me
I would have spent the night in jail not sleeping it off after some security guard helped me to my room. PLEASE!!!

Bottom line is they reversed our charges after we had to call the manager but would we go back.NO WAY. Why go to a place that clearly still was serving a guy who was way to drunk to even find his room and bother other guests if that was what he was doing. I think he was more sober than they realized and thought he might rob us while he was there. It was horrible we left at 1 am and drove home got home at 3 am and went downtown Indianapolis and stayed at a five star hotel there and were treated wonderfully by the staff.

They clearly have no clue when it comes to security and how to handle such situations while I was there I saw a beer can sitting in the stairs for 2 days left by some other drunk. If you want to go and be scared out of your mind and treated like total crap by staff French Lick is for you.

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