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JamFactory is a craft and design centre showcasing the work of emerging and well established Australian artisans and designers. It has been operating for over thirty years now and has four studios used by artists in metal, glass, wood and pottery work. The centre has a shop and a gallery space where various items can be viewed as parts of exhibitions as well as purchased. They also offer training for budding crafts and design artists.

JamFactory is located in a purpose built facility, a separate part of the Lion Arts Centre complex, at the west end of Adelaide's cultural precinct of North Terrace.

We visited in the winter (Australian winter, that is) of 2010 and at the time of our visit the shop was well stocked with a selection of rather beautiful works, lovely ceramics, some good turnings and several works closer to "art"than "craft" side of the divide.

All that was nicely displayed in a modern space that was half way between gallery and a shop, with helpful and friendly staff.

The actual exhibition space was occupied by a rather wonderful temporary display of credenzas designed by leading contemporary furniture makers. The exhibition was surprisingly fascinating, with the pieces showing a massive variety of styles and influences, and all to a very high standard of craftsmanship.

Better known as simply "a sideboard", credenza became a fashionable piece of 19th century dining room furniture, shedding its associations with medieval practice of tasting the food for poison before it was served to the kings and lords. Modern credenzas presented in the JamFactory exhibition varied from simple and practical to deeply symbolic, from minimalist wooden frame to lavish piece decorated with beads and reclaimed metal, variety of exotic woods, from traditional to modern to very post-modern, the credenzas in the exhibition were joy to the eyes.

All the pieces were for sale, varying in price from a couple to over ten thousand AUD.

JamFactory organises periodic displays of all kinds of crafts, from their resident and visiting artists and if the credenza one is anything to go by, they are very much worth seeing. At the time of writing, there were textiles and ceramics on display.

Entrance to the exhibitions is free and the galleries are open 10am to 5pm Monday to Saturday and 1pm to 5pm on Sundays and public holidays.

JamFactory has also a shop in Rundle Mall, the principal shopping area of Adelaide.
Jam Factory Contemporary Craft And Design Centre
Lion Arts Centre 19 Morphett Street
Adelaide, Australia, 5000
+61 (0)8 8410 0727

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