The main sight of Paris

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The Eiffel tower is quite obviously the main sight of Paris. I remember coming on the airport bus from Beauvais and seeing the wonderous monument for the first time, and thinking I was close to the city centre when in actual fact I was 6 miles away. The tower is visible from any part of Paris, you have no idea how huge it is until you actually arrive in the Champ De Mars. Its steel girders are massive and it really is the most stunning monument you can see in any of the world.

Paris is the main city of romance and you get caught up in the culture of fashion, coffee and breads very easily. I travelled to see the tower with my brother where we stayed in the Bastille region in a cheap hotel. Travelling by underground is great in Paris, it is fairly safe and is a good way to see all the attractions. As you will be walking a lot in the city centre we decided against the expensive day tickets and instead chose a carnet (book of single journey tickets) which worked out the cheapest way as once youre in the main city it is possible to do most journeying by foot.

The Eiffel tower is a long iron lattice tower that has become the most visited paid monument in the world. The tower is an amazing 324 metres but when i seen it, it seemed to go up for miles. When we arrived it was late evening, but this is a great time to go as through the day-time the queues go on for quite a long time. Even at evening the queues to go up by lift were several persons long and also it was quite expensive for us being on a budget. We opted for cheaper tickets to walk up the levels.

The walk up was amazing but you require stamina, good for those that use the stepper in the gym, but i saw a lot of people having to come down because they didnt have the energy to proceed. It is quite a walk to the first level and then i remember the spectacular view i felt like i was on top of a high storey building and i had only travelled the distance of the size of one of the legs.

The second level is a more exhaustive walk as it probably takes twice the time to journey up the steps. I must warn you this is not for the faint hearted, so those that suffer from fear of heights or vertigo I would give it a miss.

We were only permitted to go to Level 2 but the views were stunning and crowds of people encircled the lookout, looking down on the Champs Elysee and other parts of the city. The lift permits you to go to the higher levels, but i cant imagine the views would be any better as at level 2 you get a good close up view of the city. There are also restuarants on level 1 and 2, but the food costs a fortune and i would much rather get out of tourist traps before I found somewhere to eat.

You have to come visit this when youre in Paris. You will be amazed at the views and a great taste of Paris.
Eiffel Tower
Champ De Mars
Paris, 75007

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