A familiar sight on television but great to see.

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I have been to St Peter's square three times now. Once with friends when backpacking, once on a tour bus and once by myself. Every time i have went, even though i have seen it before I come back and spend hours walking gazing in amazement at the beauty of the spectacular buildings, the baroque statues and the area.

If youre travelling within the city, St Peter's square is a good walk away from the other sights so the best way to travel is using Rome's underground. I travelled from Termini station to Piazza San Pietro subway station, and having also travelled on a tour bus it is the quickest way to get here. If you prefer the views you can get an all day ticket on the city sightseeing bus which departs regularly from Termini station, however i prefer for a direct and quick route to travel by underground.

On departure from the exit of the underground station for St Peter;s square i found myself in maddening crowds approaching the square there are a number of souveneir stalls and street vendors selling all kinds of expensive wares. You find yourself in Vatican City and you are actually in a new country, one that is historic and the only country where latin is the main language.

St Peter's square is amazing a large open aired terrace where the buildings of the Vatican and the Basilica are sandwiched in the background. This area takes awesome photographs and you will recognise it from the many television broadcasts that the Pope makes throughout the year. There is a massive queue to get into the visitors area of the Vatican and also is quite expensive to get in so i didnt go to that part. I just found it amazing to tour the area and read the many tourist definitions that are listed throughout the various parts. The St Peter and Paul statues are amazing and so beautiful to see up close.

There are beautiful 8 metre length fountains to the right of the square and also several amenities such as a post office and reservations office. If you want to tour the Vatican you have to book in advance and then again spend a long time waiting in line just to get in. There is also a need to book in advance to the Scavi office to see St Peter's tomb. However for myself just to be in the area and walk around was quite magical. It is beautiful on a sunny day and also at night where it is all illuminated and picturesque.

A word of warning, if you intend to eat in the Vatican area be prepared for a very large bill as like all tourist areas it is very expensive.

I would view this as one of the most spectacular sights of Rome, well worth a visit.
St. Peter's Basilica
Piazza San Pietro
Vatican City, Rome, 00193
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