Stay away from La Jolla Boutique!

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We met a man who said he could get us a discount for my hubby to go fishing but we had to go to a timeshare presentation. We agreed (because we both had too many margaritas) and went the next morning. We knew it was 90 minutes long and arrived on time. We ate a little free breakfast (not that great) and the salesperson, Antonio, started the presentation. First, he asked questions about our vacations in general and then about other timeshares we owned. Then he started telling us how his developer would BUY our timeshare at the going price of $12,500 to $16,000. He was glad it was on the points system because so were they. I was skeptical of the price because I both it for less than $2,000 on the resale market. I knew his price was very inflated and there was no way they were going to pay me that much. FIRST RED FLAG. I told him our timeshare wasn't for sale. My hubby told him our timeshare wasn't for sale. He asked us didn't "we want to make money on it?" We told him "no". Not for sale, period. BTW, he also told us they were part of Wyndham which I don't believe they are but I haven't checked. He stated "timeshares are timeshares" and it wouldn't make any difference if we owned Wyndham or his. I pointed out that it makes a big difference. So then he takes us on the tour which was pretty short since very little is built at this point. We went past the tiny pool and into a building being worked on where two units are complete. They both looked very nice and he assured me that all the units would be exactly the same. He then told me that they weren't timeshares, they were fractional ownership. So why was he glad we were on the points system if they weren't timeshares? At some point earlier he had told us that there would never be anyone there except "owners". When we got back to the office he told us we would have the right to use 4 weeks per year, and that they had a rental program where they would rent out 2 of the weeks at $1500 per week and we wouldn't even have to pay the $247 maintenance fee on either of those weeks. I asked him how they could only have "owners" there and yet rent out two of the weeks. He said they were bringing in only very qualified prospects to stay in the units. CAUGHT IN A CONTRADICTION. Again he starts in on the selling of the Wyndham points and we're 1 hour and 15 minutes into the appt. with no dollar figure. I told him I was on a tight schedule and could we stop talking about the Wyndham points and get to the price. He called over his manager, Alfredo, who verified we were short on time and rudely said "if you don't stay the whole time you don't get the gifts" and told us we had only been there 1 hour and 5 minutes because the time while we were eating doesn't count. When Antonio came back I told him our time wasn't that tight we could stay but please get to the point and give us a price. He said, "No, it's over, you wouldn't buy it if I told you it was $1,000 would you?" I said "maybe." Well, it's $1,000, we're done." He escorted us outside and turned us over to another gentleman and told us we would get our gifts. He also told the other gentleman he was getting us our gifts. When we went back in to get the certificates for the gifts, he told the young lady at the desk not to give them to us and then told us some B.S. about how the tour operator would contact us. Once outside, the other gentleman asked us if we were given our gifts and I told him no. He said he was very sorry but he didn't work for that outfit so he couldn't do anything about it and would we like to see the timeshare he worked for and we said absolutely not. STAY AWAY FROM LA JOLLA BOUTIQUE. Do a google search for all the other people who have had trouble with these crooks.
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