The most beautiful and most elegant of Europe

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The most beautiful and most elegant area of the old cities of Europe
It is a beautiful house of the former Guild. Stand close to each other - House Painter, House of a tailor, butcher's house, the House boatman ... Every house its name and its symbol: the house star, Swan House, a house-dove, the golden tree house, house-bag ...
Captures the spirit of the great confusion of architectural styles. Grandiose baroque fused with the Gothic, they domeshana a small portion of modernity. Watch all of this splendor is simply amazing!
Town hall, which is a cathedral with a tall steeple, departing far from the sky. She performed at the Colonial Gothic style. The height of the cathedral is 96 meters. Town Hall spire topped by a five-meter copper weathervane depicting the Archangel Michael, patron saint of Brussels.
Town Hall spire is visible from almost all corners of Brussels.
The second building - a house of the King or the Bread House. Huge royal palace, former residence of kings, now - the museum's history.
Grand Place (Grote Markt)
Central Square
Brussels, Belgium, 1000

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