Parrots, Flamingos and more

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Finding your way to Jungle Island is an adventure in itself. There seems to be road work in all sections of Miami and most of them seem to be around the "attraction" areas.

Parrot Jungle was the original name of this attraction and it was founded in 1936 on an island in Biscayne Bay. The original developer tried to keep the natural foliage of the island when he carved out the winding pathways. He stocked the island with 25 Macaws and trained them to stay in the area while flying free. Today the birds are in cages and perform in the Parrot Bowl.

Follow the path to the Everglades and see the locals close up and personal. Sound effects of croaking frogs come from speakers by the ponds. A canopy of trees keeps you in the shade and protected from any light rain.

Members of the budgie family line the pathway in the Lorikeet area on the way to the Serpentarium where there is another animal show. Take the kids to the playground and petting zoo. There is a "kangaroo encounter" where, for a slight fee, you can interact with the small furry critters (these are not the big kangaroos of boxing fame).

The Jungle Theater has a Tiger/Liger show which was closed the day that we were there.

Eat your lunch by Flamingo Lake and enjoy the beautiful birds as they preen and wade in the water.

Most of the walking areas are under canopies, either manmade or natural treetop fronds, so the shade keeps the heat of the day at bay. The paths are smooth and stroller/wheelchair ready. This is a great place to spend a few hours with the family and nature.
Jungle Island
1111 Parrot Jungle Trail
Miami, Florida, 33132
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