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I cannot seem to recall the amount of times I have visited Buenos Aires, and I am almost sure that I have never travelled there with my kids.
Travelling with kids when they’re young has resulted quite stressful for us.
Just by thinking about the loads of things you have to pack away, will take away the peaceful and relaxing sense of the word "vacation".
But this time was different … 3 days in Buenos Aires had been organized for them! Every little detail had been taken into consideration in order for the "vacation" getaway to be as pleasant and peaceful as possible.
From a wide list of activities thought up for children our number one selection was the TEMAIKEN natural park.
Temaiken is located in the area of Olivos, approximately 1 hour by taxi or car from the city of Buenos Aires along the highway. If going by taxi the ride will cost you approximately 270 pesos.
The same is considered to be a BIOPARK. This concept is related to the construction of the area combining the ideas of botanical gardens, zoo, aquariums and museums.
I had also heard that the name TEMAIKEN stands for earth (TEM) and life (AIKEN).
This magnificent place gave me the impression that each and every sector had been specially created in such way that each visitor would be able to interact and learn about both these concepts (earth and life) in a fun and natural way.
The drive wasn’t that bad … we had the kids very excited about the idea of visiting a zoo with all sorts of animals as well as fun parks for them.
The day was glorious! Such a nice and warm sunny day … we were a little worried about the mass of people we could expect at the entrance, but hopefully as we arrived, the entrance fee line was pretty agile. Entrance fees per adult cost 58 pesos. Children 3 years and under are not charged.
Guides will be available all around the place offering assistance if needing so. We were amazed to find out that at every 200 meters bathrooms are available and children parks have also been built around the area in various sectors so that parents can have some time to relax and enjoy the surroundings as well.
A map of the place will be provided to you once you buy your ticket. There are various ways to get around the entire district. We planned our route along the way. Our kids were fascinated! Every single aspect of the environment, surroundings, and habitats captured their interest.
I believe it took us 5 to 6 hours to cover most of the areas presented on the map.
I would specially highlight the BIRDs area. There are various enormous cages that you can walk into and you will have the birds flying around the entire place. We were amazed to see an incredible colorful Tucan approach us while we were wondering around as well as many other colorful and friendly birds such as parrots.
The entrances doors consist on various chains dangling down in order to avoid birds from flying away as well as a heavy steel door.
Another incredible place we enjoyed a lot was the aquarium … kids are seated at the very front and are invited to interact with a scuba diver that enters the waters were the sharks and rays are.
If you have the chance to pass by the 360 degree cinema I would agree that it is also worth the visiting. A 20/30 minute movie presentation has been created in such way the all screens around the walls of the place are connected and the animals and earth presentations are visible all around.
Several interesting restaurants offer a variety of foods and snacks, a nice ice cream stand is located near to the entrance as well as a souvenir shop with a wide variety of gifts you can take back home.
The place is extremely secure … we felt that our kids could run around the place with no problem, but if it gets quite crowded I would say to have them nearby as it can be easy for them to get lost as the park is so big and with so many paths that lead you into different directions.
I would definitely go back to enjoy a pleasant and tranquil day surrounded by such inspiring and relaxing nature.

I would summarize this place to be MAGNIFICENT! Very well organized, extremely safe for children, a perfect place to go if you have young children, snack bars all around the park offering s

Temaiken Biopark
Ruta Provincial 25 Km 1
Buenos Aires, Capital Federal District

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