Member Rating 1 out of 5 by Veruca Assault on October 12, 2010

My boyfriend and I were in town for an event I was performing in... the St. Regis was the official hotel for the event and gave a discount to performers, so we booked a room there.
After the event we came back to our room put our stuff away and went to hang out with friends in their room next door. When we came back to the room we went immediately asleep. We did not notice until the next day when we woke up that numerous items were missing.... My cell phone, digital camera, wallet (with all my cash, credit cards, checkbook, etc...), a bottle of Bicardi, my clothes, even my underwear! When I called the front desk the EXTREMELY RUDE woman at the desk kept yelling at me that I needed to come to the front desk... I kept repeating to her that my clothes were stolen and I was not coming down in my underwear and she just kept yelling that I had to come to the front desk NOW. I put on my boyfriend's clothes and went to the front desk where the woman continued to be rude and then started talking really slow and condescending like I was a retarded child. She took my name and # and said the manager would get back to me.
Monday at noon I still hadn't heard from anybody, so I called the hotel. They left me on hold for almost a half an hour (which is long distance since I am now back in Ohio where I live and I was calling from my work phone since my cell phone had got stolen). When the manager got on the phone the first thing he had to say was that he had heard "how I had spoken to the woman at the front desk". I'm guessing she didn't mention demanding I come to the front desk in my underwear. The manager told me he hadn't called me back because he "had literally just walked in the door", but then told me he had watched the security tape in it's entirety from the moment I checked in until I checked out. Which is obviously a lie since he had said he just got there. He told me the only person coming in and out of the room was me, which is obviously also untrue since my boyfriend stayed with me. I also asked him how he knew it was ME since he had never met me or had any idea what I looked like. He just kept repeating that only I was on the video tape.
Everyone who works at this hotel is extremely rude and ghetto. The night before we stayed there I called the front desk with a question at 11:30pm and there was rap music BLARING. the woman at the front desk yelled "girl, you gonna have to speak up if you want me to hear you".... I should of known then to switch hotels. I have a feeling it was a member of the staff since our door didn't have any signs of forced entry. Also, every time we left the room our key card wouldn't work when we came back. I had to go get a new card 3 times. My friend in another room had the same problem. There is obviously something wrong with the locks in this place. One of the times I went to the front desk to get a new key card the woman asked what room I was in... when I gave her the # the two woman working behind the desk burst out laughing.... not sure what that was about, but extremely sketchy. Also, there was creepy ghetto guys just walking around the halls that I don't think were actually staying at the hotel.
This hotel is not safe. I'm not going to get compensated for my losses at all (which is over a $1,000 dollars worth of stuff and $ gone... not to mention the burden of losing all my ID's, having to cancel all my credit cards, change bank account #'s, worry about identity theft, and the "creep factor" that a stranger now has pictures of my 13 year old daughter from my camera and my underwear). Please don't make the same mistake I did. Especially women beware and I beg everyone to not stay here with children!
The rooms are not nice either... dirty bathroom (stains in toilet, shower dirty), no air conditioning, no screens or locks on the windows, and there are no ice machines in the hotel at all.
Hotel St. Regis
3071 West Grand Blvd.
Detroit, Michigan, 48202
(313) 873-3000


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