The famous liberty bell

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by alanmack37 on October 9, 2010

You can enter the Liberty Bell Center on Market Street between 5th and 6th Streets. The building is open year round, though hours vary by season.

inside the centre there is a video presentation and exhibits on display about the Liberty Bell, focusing on its origins and its modern day role as an international icon of freedom. Taped presentations about the history of the Liberty Bell are given in different languages. for the convenience of foreign visitors. The Liberty Bell itself is displayed in a magnificant glass chamber with Independence Hall in the background.

The downsides are dependant on what time of day you come there is sure to be a large queue. Please get here before 7 pm as the centre closes then. However the Liberty Bell can be seen through a glass window from the outside and photos can be taken. The grounds of the Liberty Bell center also contain the Independence Hall so i would really recommend taking a camera because this is one of america's most historic areas.

The area is stunning and particularly good on a sunny day, Philadelphia is such a melting pot of people. My local friends from Philadelphia tell me they have doubts whether the liberty bell contained in the museum is the original, but i know nothing about this.

The whole area will take a good while to walk through and the area is close to public transportation systems.

I would thoroughly recommend coming to see this attraction.
Liberty Bell
500 Market St (corner Fifth And Sixth Streets)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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