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Penns landing is one of the most famous things in America let alone Philadelphia. It is a pleasant walk from the main city centre. Philadelphia has a great subway and bus service, though for safety reasons i would recommend taking the subway through the day. Unlike a lot of other USA cities Philadelphia is quite a pedestrian city and the inhabitants use their public transport services too. If youre on the subway get yourself to 30th street station get a map from the tourist board and youre all set. The public transport system is cheap with a single ticket costing just over a dollar and fantastic transport links throughout the city, i really cant praise this city enough for its great public transport.

Penns landing is a pleasant walk away from the city centre, obviously you will want to take in the Liberty bell and the independence hall but on this walk we will be going away from that area. There are plenty of shops and places to be able to get something to eat, particularly South Street which ajoins onto the archway walk of Penns Landing.
The entrance to Penns landing is vibrant with some fantastic street performers and vendors and artists, it creates a nice feel. You walk along Penns Landing and see the historic bridge and all the naval boats that are docked, some modern and some totally historic.

I would recommend coming here in the evening time when the city is illuminated with the fantastic lights. This area is very famous and historic. However as its open air you will have to wait to go to a public bathroom if you feel the need to do so as there is nothing like that there.

As stated earlier go to South Street for something to eat. There are lots of bars and restuarants and open air eateries doing fantastic food. Whilst youre in Phili you really have to get yourself a cheesesteak its totally unbelievable food and the portion is so big you wont be able to finish it.
Penn's Landing
100 South Columbus Blvd
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19103
+1 215 922 2FUN

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