Overlooked by an Inca City with beautiful gardens

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by MichaelJM on October 6, 2010

Our final resting place for the day is at the Hotel Pakaritampu. This hotel is in the shadow of the Inca site and only a couple of minutes from the train station. We were once again fairly tired so decided not to walk to the centre of Ollantaytambo but to rest at the hotel. Our room was comfortable enough but a little Spartan when it comes to furnishings, having only a large bed, a couple of bedside tables, and a table with two dining chairs. Mind you we’ll be spending little waking time in the bedroom so we’re not too bothered.

The hotel is only small and with 37 bedrooms its guaranteed not to be crowded. It has beautifully laid out and colourful gardens and I happily wandered the grounds whilst the rest of my party relaxed in their rooms. I finished up feeling like a bit of an explorer as I found a couple of terraces accessed by floating steps. On the first terrace was a pen holding three Alpacas whilst the next was a tidily laid out vegetable plot with a view across to the Inca site of Ollantaytambo. It was so peaceful up here looking up to the Inca world and down on the Terracotta world of the hotel. Birds were busying themselves looking for food, but were still aware enough to fly away when I crept towards them with my camera.

Walking through the grounds brightly coloured birds were plentiful with the ever rapid humming-bird, flashing from flower to flower. Despite my hesitancy with our feathered friends I’m beginning to enjoy this newfound confidence around them and certainly I’m fascinated by their colours and the variety of them. Who knows I may have overcome my fear when I return to the UK.

In the middle of the hotel’s lawn was a telescope pointing towards the old Inca town and Tunupa - face of the God Viracocha (check out my separate journal on Ollantaytambo)

We’re a fair distance away from the town and although we could have caught a taxi or the infamous tuk-tuk, we decided to enjoy whatever the hotel’s restaurant had to offer. Upstairs from the restaurant was a small but very comfortable lounge bar. We’d spotted that they had a happy hour up to 7.00 pm so made sure that we benefitted from that. Pisco Sour was on the list as the hotel’s speciality and that seemed like a good idea for an aperitif. It was a good choice and set the scene for the rest of our night out. There was a good choice of food on the menu and with reasonably priced wines we settled down to enjoy the meal. It has to be said that although the lounge bar had been compact and intimate the restaurant was somewhat bland and hollow. The waiters were attentive but by 9.00 pm we were the only diners left and the room was somewhat echoey.

Breakfast was in the same restaurant which seemed to lend itself more to the buffet service model. We were up fairly early so breakfast was gathered on auto pilot. I can remember that there were some great choices of bread and jams but the overall choices although adequate were not memorable. But perhaps that was because I was half asleep. A we made it across from the restaurant to hotel reception I thought I saw Alpacas on the lawn of the hotel. I blinked twice and realised that this was no aberration but a reality. Despite my weariness this was a photo opportunity that i wasn’t going to miss, so whilst the other check out I got on the job of focussing my camera on the Alpacas (or were they Llamas).

Photos taken I looked back to admire the Inca city before joining my wife and friends as they headed off down the road to catch the train to Machu Picchu.
Hotel Pakaritampu
Av. Ferrocarril s/n
Ollantaytambo, Sacred Valley


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