Along the Grand Canal stretch the richest houses in Venice.

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Channel has the shape of inverted capital letter S and goes from the station across town to the famous Piazza San Marco. The length of the channel with all its windings - about 4 km. Width from 30 to 70 meters, is the wide channel of the city.
Along the Grand Canal stretch the richest houses in Venice. Live on the banks of the Grand Canal was considered (and is) a very prestigious list of famous aristocrats, writers, artists, millionaires, who lived in these houses in the hundreds. These houses are resold from time to time, pass from hand to hand, many of them turned into luxury hotels and art galleries.
The church of San Jeremiah with his tower. Churches in the city are countless. Some of them have long since ceased to function. Some churches are inclined tower and risk of falling in one day. Houses stand on the grounds, built by hundreds of years ago, the foundation reinforced with vertical logs, for centuries the whole design has gradually led to the slope of the towers. In general, especially along the shallow side channels, sometimes there are such houses, it seems - just a finger poke, that all fell apart.
The closer to San Marco, the more prestigious are palaces along the Canal. Here we are still far enough away from the railway station. The city is divided into several neighborhoods. Beach to the left - Santa Croce quarter, the bank right - Kanaredzhio in depth which was the world's first Jewish ghetto. In fact, the word "ghetto" of Venetian origin, it meant something like "casting factory, which was there at the future site of the ghetto.
Ca d'Oro, once considered the most elegant palace along the Grand Canal with its gilded facade. In the mid-19 century, Prince Troubetzkoy made a gift to the lady of his heart, a famous ballerina Talion, in the form of this house. In the 20-century palace was purchased, brought up to decent condition and now there is an art gallery Franchetti.
Here, the channel makes one of its sharp turns. It is the economic center of Venice. At that time, as the right continues, one after another go palazzo various respectable citizens, left here were urban markets. More precisely, we are still.
That's Rialto Bridge. One of the symbols of Venice, depicted in paintings and sung in verse, is one of the few bridges across the canal chetyrehkilometrovy that exist today. By the time he was, of course, the first of them. Wooden bridge existed here since 12 century, later it was rebuilt. Today the bridge is somewhere fifth. Just a 4-kilometer canal are now only three bridges. The fourth is whether the construction, or already built near the parking lot at the beginning of the channel, so that it does not count.
Continue to move to San Marko. Promenade of San Polo, another city block. Building, "the German institute" in the 16 th century palazzo.
Dorsoduro quarter, here are building the Venetian university. In one of these buildings lived Wagner. However, if you name all the famous people who lived in Venice where, you get insanely long list.
From the balcony of one house, Napoleon watched thrown in his honor regatta. Napoleon just do not do too well the cost to Venice. The city he captured, the Doge (as they called the rulers of Venice for hundreds of years) dismissed, jewels taken out, the four bronze horses from the cathedral, too, somewhere stole, in general, a bad man. Then, as the owner of the palace, watching its construction, from cold drafts and died. That is so sad karma in this house.

Another symbol of Venice: the huge church of Santa Maria della Salute. The church was built in 17 century, in gratitude for ending the epidemic (as if she would so not over ... the iron logic, after all - not so in thanks for never started an epidemic to build). City on the water, the ships came from different countries and brought with them all sorts of diseases - Venice repeatedly been outbreaks of epidemics, the victim of one of them was the artist Titian.
The Grand Canal
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