Realm of death

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As is often the most interesting thing is far from the tourist crowds. Log into the legendary Parisian catacombs located in the southern part of the city, directly opposite the exit from the subway station Denfert-Rochreau. Unlike the Louvre or Notre Dame, there are no queues, and admission is free.
The plaque at the entrance warning: the faint of heart and core is not recommended to visit the catacombs (Of course!). Long descent on the spiral staircase, narrow and low, with steep stairs. Several hundred meters along a dimly-lit underground corridors, echoing hear the echo of steps and whispers. Finally come across an ancient tablet, warning: "You enter into the kingdom of death."

This is the same. Oromny underground hall brim filled with human bones. Thousands of them! Look at you its empty eye sockets, rocks in the grin of yellowed teeth. And not a soul near!
Bones are many and very old. How much are they exactly the years, no one knows, as no one knows the names of their respective owners. In times of antiquity, Paris was exceptionally unpleasant place. Every morning on his street is dead-the victim of robbers and drunkenness. The dead were put up for identification in the belly of Paris, after which unclaimed are sent to specially-created for this Innocents Cemetery. Over time the cemetery was enlarged and there are several hundred thousands of unmarked graves. In the late 18 century, it and several other ancient cemeteries, located in the city it was decided to liquidate and transfer the bones buried there kept until the Last Judgement in the catacombs.

Catacombs themselves appeared even earlier. Here, under the ground for several hundred years quarried building stone. Of this, some yellow rocks and built Paris. Dug under the city hundreds of miles of tunnels, total length accurately is still far less well known. At different times, they served as a haven for beggars, bandits, monks, guerrillas, revolutionaries and other vermin. Many of them still roam here.

Foreign tourists are rare here, the French and does not appear, in the catacombs notoriety. It disappeared and people disappear. Place is bad and impure.

To reach out to tramped several miles into the underground, neatly filled with human remains. Around dark, the rustle of snakes and squeak of mice. Sometimes the road crossing the larger rodents. From the ceiling is dripping, squelching underfoot. among the bones moving some my own life.
At any moment can suddenly swim out of the darkness of a two-meter guard albino and ask for no flash photography. Creepy.

A lot of bones. Anyone can take a souvenir skull or tibia. If you are taking, the output may be asked to make an optional donation to pay 5 euros. Inexpensive for a truly unique souvenir from Paris.
Catacombs of Paris
1, Place Denfert-Rochereau
Paris, France, 75014
33 (1) 43 22 47 63

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