Vatican City isn`t only Italy

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Vatican City - is not Italy, it is a separate, independent state, which borders on all sides with Rome. So say the country, the capital in the capital.

Every morning at the walls of the Vatican going to put it mildly, the crowds of tourists who are eager to get into the Vatican museums. Gateway to the Vatican Museums open at 9:00, so if you stood in line for two blocks from the entrance - do not worry, as soon as the input open - 20 minutes to get inside the can.

Along the walls of the Vatican's stand information pointers, and that the schedule and mode of operation and direction of the prompt.

Watchmen on the towers are no longer held, cost CCTV cameras. All did not live in the Middle Ages, though acknowledged that the Earth revolves around the sun only in 1992.

At the entrance to the Vatican Museums established the modern art. A guy in a tie symbolizes the transition from the second millennium in the third.
Admission to the museum costs 12 euro. Cards are not accepted. Guide spoke about the possibility to see the Vatican museums without the crowds. Approximately half a year to visit you have to pay about 3000 euro (here and probably on account possible), and at night for you to open museums. Just for you!!!

In ancient times all the statues, temples and other attractions were pretty bright colored. Time has brought us color. Cross the immured Holy Door of St. Peter's shining the places which are carefully rubbed tourists. Someone once started a rumor that the sins are forgiven by rubbing, since the lower part of the cross-polished sinners tourists.
Vatican City
Rome, Italy

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