Famous Mezquita

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Cordoba - another outpost of the Arab conquest of Spain. Here is the famous Mezquita a former mosque, now a cathedral, built by Muslims is in the IX century. After returning to Cordoba in the heart of the Christian church the king decided to raze the mosque to the ground, although even then it was considered a miracle of light. But local people (Christians, by the way) gave him to understand that better if he did not. As a result, the Christian church, as it were embedded in the mosque, preserving for posterity one of the finest monuments of Muslim architecture in Europe.

In Mesquita best hit between eight and nine o'clock in the morning - let's free, and there are no tourists. At that time, Mass is held here.

Cordova fairly large city, and there may be a good idea to spend a day or two for the inspection of the city and nearby attractions. If you find a parking place, where the clock tower from the central square of the city will inevitably remind you of the time, even when it is you to anything.

At the famous street of flowers flowers grow in pots on windowsills. They then darkness, as tourists, however. But it offers an excellent view of the former minaret, now the belfry Mesquita. In the vicinity of the city presented quite a picturesque landscape of hills and ravines, crossed by innumerable "Guadal - rivers with ancient Arabic names. I think the summer is unbearably hot in May, the weather was very comfortable, allows you to enjoy the sun and gloat over Moscow's frosts.
Cathedral-Mosque of Cordoba
Calles Torrijos and Cardenal Herrero S/N
Cordoba, Andalusia


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