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Member Rating 5 out of 5 by vampirefan on September 11, 2010

For 50 years now locales and visitors have been enjoying the cute critters that call the Greenville Zoo home. The zoo covers 14 acres with hundreds of (mainly) cute critters of varying species.

The big animals here include a couple of giraffes, elephants, a beautiful leopard, and a lion and his mate. Neither of which cared to pose for pictures so at least when I was here you got a butt shot. They have numerous birds including a Toucan, which is my nephew’s favorite. My favorite, the flamingos, have a spacious place to roam and wade. Near them you will find crocodiles and huge snapping turtles.

My nephew’s favorite was the reptiles building. Here guests (mainly the male guests) can see all varieties of slithering snakes as well as scary spiders and more girly friendly turtles and frogs. In African I found the amazing and wonderful orangutan. This sweet and amazing guy just made me want to put my arms around him and protect him from the world. Then there is an adorable baby playing on a swing and having a great time.

Visitors of all ages enjoy the barnyard. Guests can feed and or pet some snuggleable goats, there is a very sweet and adorable pot bellied pig (who is on a diet though) and some chickens will be glad to take your wafers. In additional to all this there are beautiful gardens and trees throughout the park. But one unnerving sign I was spotted was "snake crossing", which I can only assume doesn’t mean the ones safely behind the glass! Yikes!

The zoo does have restrooms, shelters for picnics, and concession stands. They do have a very nice gift shop and they also sell the elephant "poo" paper, just like I picked up at the Columbia Zoo! And bring two quarters and a shiny penny for the squashed penny machine. They do hold a number of events through out the year, zoo camp, and even spend the night at the zoo (which Elijah’s class is getting ready to do). You can also hold special events here or have a birthday party here.

I do say this as a reminder with each zoo I review. They are a member of the AZA which means they have strict standards in regards to the treatment of their charges. And they do take great care of their animals and the animals are kept on open and spacious accommodations and only critters such as birds are changed (and then they have nice comfy cages). And they participate in conservation programs.

Website www.greenvillezoo.com

I guess you liked it? It is a zoo full of cuddly critters..of course I had a ball.

While this as a smaller zoo compared to others I have visited, it is none the less equally enjoyable. I am sure you will find that you will enjoy it too!
Greenville Zoo
150 Cleveland Park Drive
Greenville, South Carolina, 29601
(864) 467-4300


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