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One full day had to be reserved for shopping and after rearranging a little our itinerary we planned that day to be a Saturday.
This would also allow us to combine MBK with the CHATUCHAK weekend market that, as its name states, is only opened weekends.
We arrived to the MBK shopping mall at 2pm after a long walk around the CHATUCHAK weekend market that i will write about in a seperate review.
To get there, we found that the most convenient, cheap and fast way was taking the BTS skytrain. The station to get off at is the National Stadium Station and once their, you will be within walking distance to the shopping.
MBK is one of the biggest shopping centres in Bangkok. The same is located in Siam square near to Siam centre and Siam Paragon (another shopping complex where you will find branded houses and more expensive prices).
Closing hours are usually 930pm (at least this is the time everything started closing the day we went).
You are expected to bargain, as all prices are not fixed: most of times you may get half off the required price, or even more.
From outside the size of it was pretty impresive, but once inside we were amazed. 8 stories high, more than 2000 stores and services offerring most everything you can imagine from A-Z.
On floors 1, 2 and 3 you will mostly find clothing, shoes, leather goods, cosmetics and hairstyling, gold and jewelry.
Floor 4 will offer great varieties of electronics, mobile phones, CDs. DVDs, games for PS/XBOX/NINTENDO and MP3.
A few restaurants, furniture, photography, computing items can be found on floor 5.
The food court is located on floor 6 as well as some souvenirs shops.
Floor 7 and 8 have been designated for movie theaters, bowling and karaoke.
Some tips:
You will be able to locate an exchange booth near to the entrance of the Tokyu department store.
I was also able to find a cute store that had some ladies branded clothes such as SARA and A CREW. A thin SARA sweater cost me abround 350 BHT. I wasnt able to bargain for cheaper prices at this store.
Ground floor is good if you are searching for handbags, jeans and brands such as LACOSTE (not imitation).
If you are thinking about buying DVD's you will have to go to the fourth floor. There are many stands to select from. Once you have located a stand you like you will have to go through booklets of DVD titles, select the ones you want and once ordered you will be asked to return within 1 hour to pick them up.
There will always be a chance for you to get faulty DVD's.
I bought 17 DVDs, 8 were for my kids and the rest for me.
My major concern at time of selecting my kids DVD's was that they had spanish language option. I had a hard time finding but there were quite a few available. The others i selected needed at least spanish subtitles. My husband speaks in Spanish so either language or subtitles are fundamental at time of selecting a movie.
The kids DVD's were all perfect ... i can think of only one DVD that didnt have the spanish language option.
The others i was disappointed to see when i got home that there was neither spanish language not subtitles available in any of the 9 i chose. Despite of this, they are OK ... english subtitles are bad but they are not faulty.
Another place i would highly recommend if you are searching for branded clothing is a sector of various corridors of stands located on the 4th or 5th floor at the far end side (the same side as Barney's, that is located on the 3rd floor).
I was able to find a perfect store to buy men POLO shirts for 160BHT each (if you buy many). The quality is ok but the sizes are a little strange. My husband is usually an M but sleeves seemed to be a little short on him. At this same store i found really cute kids POLO tshirts for the same price.
If you are in need of a suitecase you will be able to find a stand at the very end of this section. I bought a unknown brand (POLOGY), soft case, 2 wheel, carry on handle suitecase with a second zip to expand capacity, for 1000BHT. The size is big and i have travelled all the way from Bangkok to Sydney and then from Sydney to Buenos Aires and then Uruguay with a heavy load. The same is still in perfect conditions.
Within this section of the mall you will also be able to find other branded clothes such as Quicksilver, ED HARVIS, EMPORIO ARMANI, ABERCROMBIE and Fitch. Prices are reasonable and bargaining is accepted!
BE CAREFUL to revise your items once purchased. It did happen that i bought a blue POLO longsleeve shirt with a tiny logo on the front, and when i got to the hotel i realised that it was blue but with a big logo in the front, a number on the sleeve and a FRANCE logo with the flag on the back. It was still ok so i didnt even get bothered to go back.
With a pink polo tshirt i bought the same thing happened. I asked for a pink one with white logo and was given a pink one with bllue logo and number on the sleeve. Sizes are way to small. I had to ask for an XL and am usually an M.
The food court is huge, cheap and has real good food. Once you get tired and your feet start hurting then its a good place to chill and relax.
On the 4th floor i was also able to find nice jewelery (imitation of PANDORA) and nice watches (imitation of ROLEX, CARTIER) at good prices.
I recommend that if you go in group you consider finding a reunion point just in case someone gets lost ... this mall is VERY big and especially on weekends it gets really crowded!
MBK Center (Mah Boon Krong)
444 Phayathai Road
Bangkok, Thailand
+66 2620-9000

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