Never Again

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by calyblondie on September 5, 2010

To put in perspective, had this not been a gift for my boyfriend's birthday from his mother, my actions would have been much different. We arrived to find the building we were staying in to be under construction which meant garbage bins took up the majority of the underground parking, dusty and dirty conditions both in the garage and the entry, and consistent noise during the day. Given there are several building, it would have made more business sense to close that particular building during the renovation.
Once in the room, we were pleased to see the room appeared to be already tastefully renovated, however for a room that had just been renovated, the ice in the fridge was "fuzzy" and stale smelling not to mention the long black hair that found residency in the fridge. The pullout mattress for the couch in the front room either had the original plastic still on it or the resort was afraid of bed bugs. The cable reception sucked to say the least...unless you came to watch the snow falling on the TV instead of outside. The electronics had no instruction on how to run it, so even with the ipod dock, it took a good 10 minutes to figure out that even though the system was on, the TV had to be on and used to select the "amplifier/ipod" to get it work even though the two appeared to be independent. The hot tube and fitness room hours were minimal. These items were all minor inconveniences that I would never pay $200/night to be burdened with, but like I mentioned, it was a gift.
There are two things that I will never overlook whether the room is $50/night or the $200/night. First, I had the pleasure of taking a freezing shower the next morning, but not only was the water cold, but there was no water pressure. When asking the front desk what the problem was, we were given two answers: 1 - due to the construction, the boiler was turned off. I wasn't talking a shower at 4am, this was at 9am and no notice given that the boiler was going to be off temporarily or otherwise; 2 - the resort was trying to save money since the building was not full...well WTF? They said they were unable to reduce or comp our night due to this inconvenience. The second issue that I was not able to overlook was the fact that we returned that night (the 2nd night of our stay) to find that the cleaning staff had left garbage and soiled towels outside the door.
I will NEVER recommend this place or stay at this place ever again...there are so many choices in Tahoe and much more reasonably priced with better service. Had this not been a gift, I would have left after the first night and disputed the charges for the first night due to inhabitable conditions.
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