Nourlangie Rock and the Bark Hut

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The Kakadu National Park is a UNESCO world heritage site in the Northern Territory and became most well known for being 'Crocodile Dundee' country from the film with Paul Hogan as the famous Mick Dundee. It has a tropical climate with an obvious rainy season in the Australian summer. The rainy season can bring huge floods and at times some areas are impassable by road. The park covers an area about half the size of Switzerland and is managed jointly by the Aboriginal People and the Department of Environment.

Most people would go to Darwin before going into the Kakadu National Park but it is possible to come up through the centre of Australia via Alice Springs and Katherine by road - the Stuart Highway. We flew into Darwin where we spent a night before driving out into the National Park.

Our first stop was the 2Jumping crocodile Cruise2 which i wrote about in another review. After this we made our way to our hotel via a few other stops.


We got back in the bus from the crocodile cruise just in time as the rain came down in buckets. We made our way to Fogg Dam and saw a number of different birds - egrets, plovers, Jesus birds, magpie gees and a goanna. Had it been a bit drier we might have got out but it was pouring with rain and so visibility was poor and photo opportunities unlikely.


We then drove on to the 'Bark Hut' for our lunch this place is about 130 miles from Darwin and is about the ONLY place to stop between Darwin and Jabiru. It is in the middle of nowhere with a typical Aussie tin roof and very rustic logs to sit on with wooden plank tables. There were fish trophies, stuffed mounted barramundi and also buffalo heads as well as other quirky Australian signs such as "stiff shit Corner". It was quite bizarre but the food was fine and service swift and it entertained us as well as we felt like we’d walked onto a set from ‘Crocodile Dundee’.


After lunch we made our way into Kakadu National park. We stopped off at our hotel the Gagudju Crocodile Holiday Inn hotel at Jabiru to drop off our suitcases so that they would be in our rooms when we got back at the end of the day.

We made our way to Nourlangie Rock which looks exactly like Jabba point in 'Crocodile Dundee'. We filled up our water bottles, slapped on the sunscreen and our hats and went off to Gun-warddehwardde lookout point. It was a 1.5 km walk climbing up the rocks to the lookout point and on the way we went through caves used by the Aboriginal people as a place of spiritual significance. There were a number of cave paintings known as the Anbangbang shelter paintings which could be seen on the way and some lovely wild flowers. It was a lovely walk through the caves and then the bush with typical Australian bush vegetation - wild passion fruit, goat plums, and other bush fruit.

You really felt like you were in the Aussie outback as the gum trees and bushy scrub was so typically Australian. It was really hot and the trees provided only limited shade however the experience was well worth the effort to see these amazing ancient drawings on the rocks.

If you want to experience the real Australia then this is one place that you can do this fairly easily and safely. Although the Kakadu National Park is huge it is quite well signed and the places like this are well labelled with information.

A fascinating part of ancient Australian history.

Kakadu National Park
South Alligator, Northern Territory
Darwin, Australia

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