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When i arrived the city of Ghent i search for all its story and i found another intertsting
point which concerned the FRIDAY MARKET existing still in the city but not in its glory
as it used to be. This Market used to be the forum of Ghent and innumerable festivities, quarrels, and fights took place there succesfully. But the fate of this forum
was pretty tied up with guilds and their activities. During the medieval ages the weavers and spinners were most in evidence there and they had the tendency to quarrel mostly. Ghent at these times was the greatest wool town and as most the wool was sold it was the most prosperous one. Then it developed the frinship of ARTVELDE and the the King Edward III was pretty significant for Ghent and also for
other Flemish towns. Their negotiations led the city in the most desirable results which every one of them wanted. In fact the approval of his fellow citizens was not
given and that led to death Artvelde by the rioters in 1345 - who was an artist if i
forgot to mention it. Immediatelly after his death another artist sculpted his statue
- P. DEVIGNE - in an aristocratic and energetic pose in a manner that he used to be
and lead his fellows and the people of Ghent. You can meet it exactly at the squaire
where the FRIDAY MARKET was taking place. That's for the history. Great trip guys.
Friday Market Square (Vrijdagmarkt Square)
City Center
Ghent, Belgium

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