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The biggest and most famous museum in Russia, located in the former imperial residence - the Winter Palace. The site of the Hermitage, perhaps, one of the best museum sites in the world

Entry for Russian tourists is 100 rubles. In the dressing room should go only after bought the ticket without being thereof you simply do not take things. In outerwear, large bags, should take all the photos and video equipment, if you do not have tickets for the shooting. In my opinion, the sale of tickets to film - a good feeder for the directorate of the museum, but it's so cynical on their part - to take charge, knowing full well that most rooms do not be anything off - because of the dull light, or peculiarities of the location. And in some rooms do not shoot with flash, and shoot with a professional tripod can not be in all rooms. By the way, the Hermitage is not empty and with mobile phones that can take pictures - or forced to surrender, or to buy a ticket. At the same time the Hermitage absolutely not suitable for storing photographic equipment: expensive things just the same stuff into your backpack, or formed under the "counter", which put things when they rent. The administration, as usual, no responsibility!

I apologize in advance for naturalism, but further discussion focuses on the Hermitage toilets. I visited one, the one at the entrance, at the ticket offices, and to me that was enough to understand how the Hermitage management respects its visitors: such toilets for the last time I saw deep in his youth, at some provincial railway station, and then when they were still free - for the main toilets, in fact, the Russian Museum, a startling sight - dirty and caked with something floors, the smell, cabins with green plywood walls, the height of which ends at the level of your shoulders, broken locks booths, worn plumbing, and complete absence of toilet paper! In silence alone the soap, paper towels and units for drying hands - these things are simply not available here! That's what they see foreigners coming to St. Petersburg. In my three young British women were photographed against a background of cubicles, standing, pardon me, on the toilet and leaning on top of them, and then took off, as each of them the other two hold the door cubicle! And we then are surprised when told about the horrors of Russia and bikes? What surprised when a unique marble staircases Hermitage perfectly, as it turned out, side by side with the most wretched toilets.

With a few ruffled mood we are beginning to view Hermitage. In the Egyptian hall, as usual, full of people, and a pair of Japanese attempts to remove the massive sarcophagus and mummy of the present (the most popular exhibit hall) - during our walk through the Hermitage, we do not just see them - for shooting objects buried deep under the glass.

Major surprises await us in the Italian study Hermitage: first, we see a sculpture by Michelangelo (not the best work of the Master, of course), and in the next room we see a picture by Caravaggio "Lute Player", which had a bold experiment: in addition to a boy with a lute, the painting shows a bouquet flowers, and some fruit on the table. One of the perfume companies in Italy and the leadership of Piedmont offered Directorate Hermitage create the smell paintings of Caravaggio. We saw a small table in front of the picture, which has reproductions of paintings, and in front of her - 9 vials of scents of the flowers and fruits, which are depicted in the painting, the 10th vial is a combination of all 9 flavors and, in fact, the smell of pictures! Interesting smell, smells like the Middle Ages most interesting that the author of these odors is immediately - this is a pretty Italian, which is something joyfully tells two old.

Hall also was pleased by Rembrandt - the Hermitage is the largest in the world of foreign collections of his works. Just at the time of our visit to the museum brought one of the paintings, "Pallas Athena", sold by the Bolsheviks in the 30 years due to lack of money, now it is in the Museum of Lisbon, and temporarily brought to the Hermitage.

Be sure to visit the loggia of Raphael - is, in fact, a long spacious hallway, whimsically painted - ton copy of the same corridor of Raphael in the Vatican Museum.
Winter Palace/State Hermitage Museum
Palace Embankment, On The Neva River
St. Petersburg, Russia

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