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If you don't know the pride of Paris is the church of NOTRE DOME = OUR LADY OF PARIS. It is built in a French Gothic architectural style from 1163 until 1345.The first
side was under Roman occupation but the rest of it were Christian churches. In fact,
it was badly damaged during the French Revolution. The renovations started the 19th
century. Victor Hugo the great author was one who wanted the NOTRE DAME restored
and remade and also he wrote a great novel about it. One can find the church asymmetrical but it's not because on the contrary it has a sublime balance, and those
asymmetrical elements made in order to avoid monotony. The CATHEDRAL has an
immence interior since it was built during the medieval, and sometimes brings fear.
Until today it accomodates 6000 pilgrims and includes an ORGAN with 7800 pipes.
But the most spectacular are the ROSE WINDOWS by vitreau art. All over the west facade there's a full window 10mts. across so big and on the north side the other one
has remained untachable from the 13th century until today. If you have the time now
to go upstairs you must climb 387 steps - believe me i didn't go - to see the north
tower which is the entrance of the CATHEDRAL and then you are leading to the west
facade. There you can be found face to face with the frightening gargoyles from the
medieval and to enjoy the great view of Paris. The best view is this one with the flying buttresses which is one of the Gothic technical innovation and it was used to support
the sheer walls of a roof of a chancel. At the other part of the church you can see the
small but beautiful park right behind it made to honor Jean XXIII the king. If you go
to Notre Dame now you are going to know more historical elements about it. Nice trip
Cathédrale Notre-Dame
6, place du Parvis-de-Notre-Dame
Paris, France, 75004
+33 (1) 42 34 56 10

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