Loro Park - the most visited attractions in Tenerife

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Loro Park - the most visited attractions in Tenerife every year come here more than a million visitors. A stay here should be required, in a small area assembled the most diverse living creatures, and a few specially equipped venues are colorful show with animals. So, it turns out both zoo and circus and a botanical garden.

Loro Park was founded in 1972 by Wolfgang kanartsem Kissling at his own expense. His father was a long time spent on duty in Thailand, so you can not go wrong if you got into Loro Park exclaim "Wow!" How Tae! ". Somehow we ourselves were surprised by giving tickets control and went inside. Conceiving Loro Park as a place of exotic, Kissling has made the main entrance to the park "Thai Village" - a colorful set of six wooden buildings with roofs, decorated with real gold, the most massive building in Thai style outside of Thailand.
Every day, special gun is ready for them more than twelve tons of snow. So the penguins feel at home.
In Loro Park is a beautiful aquarium. Sharks and rays there are floating over your head. You can watch them being in a glass tunnel.
At Loro Parque, a great collection of parrots of all types, kinds and colors from around the globe. It parrots the park owes its name: "loro" translates from Spanish as "parrot".

On the territory of Loro park there is a variety of exotic plants, cacti, more than 7000 trees. These red fruits of cactus in Tenerife can be purchased. They say they are edible, and even very useful.
The entire territory Loro Park entangle narrow fairways, paved the thick vegetation and numerous lakes.
Most parrots live in their own cells, but there is a large outdoor aviary where the birds are in their natural habitat, and their mission is limited only by grid, stretched high above the ground.
Several times a day in the dolphins in the park are the show, you know, dolphins.

This is love! What really surprised me in all these representations of animals, so this is a special, caring, loving attitude toward his wards. I first attended a similar show, but was always visible aspiration trainers show the achievements of animals, some special skills, miracles, and records in our dolphinariums. In Loro Park program representation is built differently, all done with a great sense of humor, and it seemed to me, animals do not work, but simply seek to show themselves all they know how the audience.

Loro Park (Loro Parque-Parrot Park)
Puerto De La Cruz
Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain


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