Disaster of an accommodation-

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by Aquos on August 17, 2010

I would not stay at this hotel ever again, and can only tell you to think twice before booking with any Harrah's property-

My outdated room with worn out stained carpet also had a very large ugly visible stain on the ceiling in the bathroom. On the last night when I was getting ready for dinner out with friends - while sitting on the 'throne', brown water dripped down on my head and back. I looked up to see the ceiling was bulging like a balloon of water. The brown water was most likely sewage from an overflowing toilet in the room above us. I called the hotel operator who sent a plumber. The plumber said he had to move us to another room. This would have made us late for our dinner reservations with friends so I said we'd have to deal with moving us when we got back from dinner.

A few hours later, we came back from dinner and I went immediately to front desk. The plumber had not notified the desk of bathroom disaster. Front desk clerk did not care about the sewage, nor the mess, nor the hassle that their hotel's negligence in maintaining their property caused us. The hotel manager would only offer us a $25 voucher for dinner, which was pointless - We had already eaten and It was close to 10pm, on our last night, we had to check out by 4am that morning to catch flight. When the bellhop moved us to a new room I told him to tell the rude front desk clerk how bad the bathroom was, the clerk said it was "no big deal".

Just unbelievable rude uncaring staff. I'm left with an overwhelming dislike for this disaster of an accommodation. If your reading this - and are thinking about staying here don't!

By the way - what kind of stupid hotel closes their pool at 7pm?

Bally's Las Vegas
3645 Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109
(702) 967-4111


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