A Gondola Ride in Venice

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Elina Lagios on August 16, 2010

IN Venice we never forget to get a gondola ride because it is going
to remain unforgetable for ever. By my arriving in the city by the taxi-
ship after having admired the PIAZZA SAN MARCO and the church
of SAN MARCO, I decided to take a ride with a gondola. An exciting and unforgetable experience for anybody with the rider to sing with
his incredible voice italian songs - and believe me almost all italians
have teriffic voices. We passed through many canals but the most
important one is the Grand Canal where the people - especially the
prisoners passed from the PALAZZO DEI DOGI to be killed by the
GUILOTINE, or to be hanged. There they left their last breath saying their last good by to LIFE. You see, during the medieval things were
pretty difficult in all over Europe. Thats why it was called the grand
canal - and for sure it is the biggest from all the others. Behind me
there were relaxing a young couple from Germany and we discussed a bit, but i really enjoyed this ride too much.
The Grand Canal
Through the Central Districts
Venice, Italy


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